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Latrell Sprewell: Needs His Own Economic Stimulus Plan

February 12, 2008 1 comment

Citizens Bank filed a foreclosure suit for the River Hills, WI home of former Warrior, Knick and T-Wolf (what is the singular of Timberwolves?), Latrell Sprewell. His yacht, the famed “Milwaukee’s Best,” was sold to pay for the money owed on that boat, but the difference between the sale price and the amount owed on the boat is about half a million. In other “Latrell’s stacks are down and the checks ain’t coming in news,” Spree’s missed a bunch of mortgage payments on that same home. Don’t forget the kids, though, Spree, when you try to get back into the league.

I guess Sprewell was right when he told T’Wolves owner Glen Taylor that he couldn’t accept the contract because he had to feed his children.

As a side note I didn’t know he bare-facedly mentioned Sally Struthers commercials when talking about his contract. Dag. Also from this article, a recap of the life of Sprewell in trouble:

Latrell Sprewell dunk

Not that Sprewell would necessarily know how well-fed his children are. This year, a judge barred him from seeing the children when the mother of four of them sued Sprewell for $200 million, also alleging he physically abused her.Sprewell once slipped aboard the yacht and broke his hand. That was his story. The New York Post reported that he tried to punch the boyfriend of a woman who barfed on the ship’s carpet, missed with the punch and hit a wall.

A 21-year-old woman told police last year that during a tender moment aboard “Milwaukee’s Best,” Milwaukee’s strangest suddenly tried to strangle her. Sprewell was not formally charged, and maybe he was trying merely to prevent her from barfing on the carpet.

Sprewell once grounded the yacht in shallow water at a Milwaukee beach and it took several boats to pull the craft free.

It’s a good thing Spree had it all together beforehand…

– In the 1993-94 season, Sprewell fought with Warriors teammate Byron Houston. Coach Don Nelson stepped between ’em and had his shirt ripped off.

— In ’95, Sprewell fought with teammate Jerome Kersey, returned to practice with a two-by-four, and threatened to return with a gun.

— In ’94, Sprewell’s 4-year-old daughter had an ear ripped off and her face badly clawed by one of Sprewell’s four pet pit bulls. Sprewell reluctantly had the dog put to sleep.

— During the ’94-95 season, the Warriors suspended Sprewell twice.

Oh hell, Spree, come back to the Knicks. At least you have heart on the court, even if you need a whole lot of learnin’ off of it. In all seriousness, Spree was a model citizen, relatively, in New York. Only tale I heard about him involved a female friend and he riding in a limo. She said he was a model citizen (though distracted by something on the phone on their way to a party) and Chris Dudley was in the car. Or was it Travis Knight? Some big white player.

But think about the economic stimulus Sprewell would give to NYC if we stimulate his pocketbook with a cool mil! The papers would sell more, people would watch the Knicks to see if he cusses at them, the boat rental places will have to hire more security… it’s a win-win. The comedy writers would have a field day. We need a villain.