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From last night’s Mets / Brewers game (with photos)

June 8, 2011

Enjoyed a nice trip up to Milwaukee last night, where we saw a few Mets fans, a nice park, a whole bunch of grilling out in the parking lot. Thanks to the Mets for actually winning when I go to see them, 2-1 over the Brew Crew.

And we got to see a Jose Reyes triple that knocked in the go-ahead runs, a comeback against the Brewers’ bullpen, a fairly clean save by Francisco Rodriguez with help from Jason Isringhausen. A good road trip for sure.

Three photos from Miller Park below the fold.

We got in early for batting practice.

Mets fans waiting for autographs. Love the dude rocking the Tobi Stoner #40 jersey. That’s deep.

The dapper men’s room signs at Miller Park:
Awesome to see Jason from Chicago, the other Met fans who came out, especially the parents who are raising their kids – the couple with the kid whose first game was one of the debacles at Wrigley and proudly wears a small pink Mets shirt, and the other five year old or so girl with the #1 foam finger and the quiet Let’s Go Mets chants. That’s how I want to raise my little ones.

And I loved the guy who told me coming out of the bathroom, “I don’t know how you guys beat us with that lineup.”

For St. John’s fans – make sure to see Rumble in the Garden, the new home for St. John’s basketball and other St. John’s news.

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