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Bobby Knight Resigned?

February 4, 2008 1 comment

Bob Knight yelling at Indiana playerBobby Knight resigned as Texas Tech’s head men’s basketball coach!

I bet he’s pulling a Pat Riley and can’t stand watching his teams lose… so he steps aside. Will he pull a Pat Riley and come back and shift his son back to an assistant’s role (Pat Knight gets the reins of the ballclub now)? Will Bob Knight pull an Eddie Sutton and make a comeback with, I don’t know… Montana? They have good fishing out there, and good hunting, and Bob Knight likes both of those, doesn’t he?

Jason Collins traded for Stromile Swift

February 4, 2008 Comments off

Jason Collins and Tim Duncan in an intimate NBA Finals momentJason Collins, it was a nice run as an unoffensive center, a fine man, and the beginning of a tradition of Twin Centers from Stanford. You held up to Shaq in the finals, and when a role player gets traded, it’s usually near the end—the next team never knows what to do with one team’s role player. Unless that role player can do something more than set screens. You’ve bricked a lot of free throws, but you were part of the Jersey resurgence; no one can giggle when they hear the name Nets now; that treatment is reserved for the Knicks.

Enjoy Memphis, now that you have been traded for F/C Stromile Swift, disappointing #2 overall pick from LSU. Who is part of a line of disappointing young players from LSU (see: Thomas, Tyrus).

I used to get excited about Stromile Swift in a Nets uniform– he’s been a rumor coming here forever– but after 7 years, if you’re not making waves in the Association, you never will.

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