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Watching the NCAAs at NCAA Vault + Other Links

February 24, 2010 Comments off

Watching NCAA Sweet 16 games and up from 2000, online? What a way to not get work done. This NCAA Vault full video page with game highlights, cuts by “great plays” and “great finishes” and more…. Even though my team (St. John’s) isn’t in it, this is going to be the hottest thing this month. I can’t wait to watch the Seton Hall team from 2000. Even if that game is after the moment (near halftime, I think?) where Ty Shine said “f**k it” and played like a shooting combo guard against Temple, jacking shots like it was his backyard and ditching the idea of playing point like the hard-to-match Shaheen Holloway.

Also hot this month:

– the (loose, and without games) CBS Basketball schedule, including the air times for the March Tournament games. I expect it will be updated as they know more;

– and March Madness on Demand, which is incredibly good, and a reason I hope CBS doesn’t lose the NCAA Tournament with possible March Madness expansion.

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Sports Hits 08.16.08

August 16, 2008 Comments off

Now complete with unnecessary photo of Emma Stone and Kat Dennings!
Emma Stone and Kat Dennings
+ You may have heard that Oklahoma State booster T. Boone Pickens, famed oilman, is investing in wind power. Well, it’s not all about energy; the wind power project allows him to get eminent domain over a conveniently adjacent aquifer with water that he can then pipe to Dallas at a profit.

+ Team USA put a real whipping on Spain’s ass, 119-82, with a second half that was all garbage time. An aside: during the game, Craig Sager reported that the gatekeeper for sports news in China (hey, it’s national control) didn’t think the Spanish slit-eyed picture was worth mentioning; apparently he felt the people of China are less sensitive to politically incorrect actions.

+ South Florida loses another recruit, Gene Teague, who would have factored in to the forward rotation (6’8″, 295). He didn’t meet eligibility, like Dwan McMillan. The article states that he will attempt to attend Miami-Dade College and has a scholarship waiting for him in 09-10.

+ Bill Self’s Kansas squad is taking a preseason trip to Canada for exhibition games. Marcus and Markieff Morris have not been cleared by the NCAA to play, yet, but they should be eligible.

+ An article on how new Oregon State coach Craig Robinson’s adjacent fame (being the brother in law to the Democratic candidate, Barack Obama) helps get his name out there with the recruits. The better part of this article starts with the first comment response, where some troll starts with some crap about how terrorist organizations want Obama to be our next president… with the underlying premise that Obama will be “more forgiving” in hunting down the countries’ enemies. The it devolves into supposed liberal slant, the zionist media, and how the Republicans hunt down enemies (damn, those guys are slow hunters), conspiracy theories… it’s head-smackingly funny.

+ Man, someone’s sensitive about the portrayal of Clemson w/r/t Ray Ray McElrathbey, who graduated from the school. But has a couple more years of football eligibility left (Clemson gave away his scholarship, though they offered him a graduate assistant’s position); he is moving on to Howard University.

+ Like other Met fans, I wonder why people listen to Mike and the Mad Dog, and why people have such strong feelings about those Yankee-loving, Met-hating, frontrunning, name-dropping moronic blowhards. Here’s a perspective from the Metsblog.

+ Someone tried to extort money from Tom Coughlin… focusing on non-existent extramarital affairs. As long as there’s no Tom Coughlin sex tape…

+ The Oakland Raiders completed a pass, and it’s worthy of a news article.

+ Three notes on the new Friday Night Lights season – a new QB behind Matt Seracen, that new QB’s family, played by DW Moffett and Janine Turner (of Northern Exposure fame), and Kim Dickens (Joanie Stubbs) from Deadwood as Seracen’s mom.

Friday Night Lights News (Spoilers)

July 9, 2008 1 comment

Two spoilers from Friday Night Lights after the jump:

Read more…

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Manny Being Awesome

May 16, 2008 1 comment

Hat tip to the Starting Five: From 2 days ago during a game in Baltimore – video of Manny Ramirez’s catch, HIGH FIVE TO A SOX FAN, and throw back in to double up a runner at first:

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US Open To Be Aired on ESPN

May 13, 2008 1 comment

I knew that something bugged me when I heard that ESPN was to broadcast the entirety of the US Open (taking over from USA Network), starting in 2009. And it wasn’t just the annoyance of the :18 and :58 banners and breathless coverage of Clemens-gate on the bottom line banner.

Gabriela SabatiniBut access to all the games will be a worry. From a Connecticut Post editorial:

You know what else makes the USA coverage outstanding? It’s always on. The matches start at 11 a.m., and that’s the time the USA theme song begins, a great start to every weekday until CBS takes over late in the tournament. There’s only a two-hour break in coverage from the first serve until the final point, and that break is often blown off if the matches are interesting enough. One of the first things I noticed with ESPN2’s coverage is that it will start at 1 p.m. during the first week. That’s two hours of tennis uncovered. Sigh.

It turns out that tennis will be covered. It’ll air on The Tennis Channel, which generally costs extra. Perhaps I’ll order TTC during that time span, but perhaps not; I pay more than enough for cable television as it is. To add insult to injury, the middle weekend night sessions — which have featured such matchups as James Blake vs. Roger Federer in past years — will be on TTC. That means a whole bunch of regular viewers will miss those matches, and possibly lose interest in the tournament as a result.

And there are other issues. The USTA made it clear it wants ESPN and tennis to become synonymous. The network already handles the other three Grand Slam events, often ruining them by focusing way too much on Americans, even in blowouts, ignoring live matches to show the American routs on tape.

The worst thing a network can do in showing a sport where Americans are not entirely dominant is… showing mostly Americans. Makes the sport look boring. If you watch the World Cup and only see the Americans, you think soccer is a slovenly, boring sport that sucks 90 minutes out of your life.

And those midweek matches are the most fun – late evening, watching two players who can’t break that top-ten ceiling fighting and struggling to win a 3 (for the women) or 5 (for the men) set match on pure grit and sweat, on an 85 degree night in Flushing? That’s the joy of the US Open right there. Those are the tickets I used to get and enjoy. And the AM games? When I was in high school, I’d go to any of those games I could get tickets to (okay, they were free. I didn’t have that kind of loot in HS!) and watch minor players try to prove they belonged.

And I am NOT buying the tennis channel for a month.

I can see the finals and semis drawing a strong crowd to ESPN, but otherwise, they’re just burying the early round matches to tennis fanatics, and there aren’t many of those anymore.

Photo above is of the great Gabriela Sabatini (purr); below is video of her 1991 US Open win over Steffi Graf.

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LOL! Land O’Lakes Park

April 4, 2008 Comments off

This post is intended to both give exposure to the hilarity that is the Minnesota Twins possible new park name, and to show how the news media can get away with NOT crediting a blogger whose hard work brought the story to light.

My friend Carter Hayes posted this at SBG Nation:

Very early Tuesday morning I was avoiding coursework and shoveling out from the 400+ new posts in my Google Reader. As I skimmed through my baseball feeds I came across this post on Twins Ballpark 2010 which, in part, re-opened speculation about the naming rights for the new ballpark. That post got me poking around on the web, checking out the domain availability of my favorite potential names for the new place. Lo and behold, I came across the following nugget: the top-level domains and have been purchased by the Minnesota Twins. According to my WHOIS searches (see graphics below), club itself is the Registrant and the technical contact given for the domain is John Avenson, the Twins’ Vice President of Technology.

New Twins ParkWhich became the lead on the local myFox 9 Minneapolis news. The article gives no credit and no link:

The Twins have already purchased a few domain names that could indicate where the name is swaying.

In February, a blogger found that Land O’Lakes Park dot com and Land O’Lakes Field dot come were taken by the Twins.

myFox 9 News, you officially get a Bag of Dicks.

The photo here? It’s from myFox Twin Cities. But really, go back and read Carter Hayes’ post and think about the commenter who thinks the team should invest in cheerleaders (gonna be great in April, they’ll be in coats!) called the LOLCats.

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Friday Night Lights: It’s On

March 27, 2008 Comments off

Coach Taylor says Friday Night Lights is getting another season.

Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric TaylorKyle Chandler, star of NBC’s Friday Night Lights, confirmed that the perennially on-the-bubble drama will return for a third season.

In an interview taped Wednesday with B&C contributor David Bianculli for National Public Radio’s Fresh Air, Chandler said a deal was struck that will spread costs and allow the series to continue.

According to a post on Bianculli’s blog, TV Worth Watching, Chandler, who plays high-school football coach Eric Taylor, said all that was left to sew up the deal was to “dot the i’s and cross the t’s.” He added that he was scheduled to report for shooting in Austin, Texas, where the show is set, in June.

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Luke Harangody’s Celebrity Look-a-Like

March 14, 2008 Comments off

Luke Harangody is the Big East Player of the Year, and the Indiana player is gaining national notice. But every time I look at him, he looks like someone else… Friday Night Lights’ star Jesse Plemons, who plays tight end Landry Clarke:

Harangody BloodyJesse Plemons

Harangody Sports Illustrated)

Jesse Plemons and Adrienne Palicki

You know it’s true.

From Harangody’s (nicknamed “Gody”) SI feature, by the way:

In his second season as part of a close-knit Notre Dame team, Harangody looks very much at ease. He has partnered with junior guard Kyle McAlarney to become the Irish’s resident pranksters. They both pack masks in their road bags — ‘Gody’s is an evil clown, McAlarney’s is the Jigsaw Killer from Saw. Says junior forward Ryan Ayers, “You have to get back to your hotel room before [Harangody] does because he’ll get your roommate to let him in, then hide in your closet and scare the heck out of you.”

March Madness Access, LSU, NJIT, and Scrabulous

March 14, 2008 1 comment

While the rest of the bored Friday internet seekers are looking for pictures of Eliot Spitzer’s call girl (by the way – people, stop talking about her character. It’s the Gov who did wrong! She’s just working!), some links:

– current St. John’s assistant Chris Casey has applied for the NJIT job. You know, the former Newark College of Engineering, the new Division I team that went 0-29 this year, have no conference, and are an engineering school in Jers. I guess after this year at St. John’s, anything could be an improvement.

Louisiana State has hollered at Tim Floyd about coming to the Bayou to make the Tigers work.

– Did you know you could watch the NCAA Men’s basketball games online for free? If your work doesn’t block it, of course. And even then, isn’t the cloak still around? I think it is. Get around your work restrictions! They may take your jobs, but they’ll never take your… BASKETBALL!

– Meanwhile, the NCAA is working on new ways to pack in football-sized crowds for the finals.

Facebook’s Scrabulous vs the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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Friday Night Lights’ Third Season is Possible

March 12, 2008 Comments off

Friday Night Lights may be returning under a joint deal between DirecTV and NBC. This is the post from BuzzSugar; nothing is signed yet, and the show may be on DirecTV in some manner. But I’ve got DirecTV and wild horses couldn’t keep me from watching the best show on TV (now that the Wire is gone):

Friday Night Lights Season 1

Touchdown? Friday Night Lights Might Get a Third Season!

OK, so it’s just a rumor right now, but it’s a credible one: Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Friday Night Lights will be renewed for a third season, thanks to a partnership with DirecTV. No deal has been officially announced, but another report says it’s just waiting for a signature.

In essence, the deal will have NBC and DirecTV sharing the costs for producing the show. What, exactly, does that mean for us actually getting to see these new episodes of FNL? Unfortunately, that’s not clear yet. I’m hoping the deal looks something like the NBC/USA arrangement with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where episodes air first on USA and later on NBC; as a non-DirecTV subscriber, it would be sad to have to wait, but knowing I’d see the show eventually would be good enough. What I’m hoping won’t happen is what NBC did with Passions, which made the episodes available only on DirecTV and nowhere else.

So, until the details are announced, I’m only going to consider this about 85 percent good news. But hey, that’s better than nothing, right? Meanwhile, the Save Friday Night Lights folks still have more mini-footballs on the way, so we fans are definitely being heard. Say it with me now: Clear eyes, full hearts . . .

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