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Mets Spring Training Notes

February 26, 2008 2 comments

I plan to post a weekly recap of Mets’ Spring Training Notes.

Yes, it’s still basketball season, but with St. John’s basketball in the (proverbial) crapper, I do have to remark it’s spring training, the time when even the Cubs and the Pirates are filled with hope. With such optimism in the face of historical precedent, who couldn’t love MLB spring training?

Sad that I won’t get down to Ft. Myers this year to see the Twins and Red Sox camps, or to the east coast of Florida to see the Mets’ camp, but I am sure this week’s 20 degree temperatures will make me think of Florida.


  • The former Mets who were traded for Johan Santana (Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey, Philip Humber, and Carlos Gomez) are getting used to life with the Twins. Little do they know how much warmer Fort Myers is than Minneapolis.
  • Carlos Beltran has made a guarantee, and Jimmy Rollins thinks he’s a biter.
  • Carlos Delgado thinks last year’s below league average hitting at first base was a one-time thing, and not baseball-age catching up with him. I love me some Carlos, and I love your guts, but that’s what they all say.
  • The Mets have Spring Training competition (PLAY GOTAY, DAMMIT) and non-roster invitees up the wazoo, including Olmeda Saenz, Tony Armas Jr, Fernando Tatis, Jose Valentin, Nate Field, Ricardo Rincon, and Brady Clark. Here are their Met uniform numbers.
  • Duaner Sanchez and Juan Padilla are looking good recovering from their injuries.
  • JOHAN! Santana is already dealing out pitching filth.
  • CitiField has a logo (do you think it looks like a Dominos Pizza too?) and another rendering:
  • CitiField logoCitiField exterior rendering

  • And, how are those Phillies doing, anyway?
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