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Providence Candidates (Coaching Carousel)?

February 29, 2008 Comments off

Way to go Providence, don’t wait to fire Tim Welsh before other candidates pop up:

Providence is targeting Sean Miller of Xavier, Jim Larranaga of George Mason, Tim O’Shea of Ohio, and Matt Brady of Marist. We are hearing that Miller and Larranaga will not have too much interest. Matt Brady could be the guy when the smoke clears.

I like Matt Brady; his Marist team has suffered without Jared Jordan’s talent. And he’s renowned as a teacher of shooting. St. John’s could use that guy.

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Around (American) Football

February 27, 2008 Comments off
  • Myron Cope, the inventor of “the terrible towel” and iconic Pittsburgh sportscaster, died today.
  • Terrible Towel

  • Chiefs release Eddie Kennison.
  • The Redskins release Brandon Lloyd.
  • The Jets release Justin McCareins, Andre Dyson, and Adrien Clarke, who was supposed to make Jet fans forget about veteran Pete Kendall. How was that dirt, Pennington and Clemens? Jonathan Vilma and Dewayne Robertson—two highly touted high draft picks and impact players in the 4-3 scheme—are next on the moving queue, because they’re less effective in the 3-4.
  • Patriots release Roosevelt Colvin. He plays in a 3-4 and isn’t entirely over the hill—go sign him, Jets.
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    Mets Spring Training Notes

    February 26, 2008 2 comments

    I plan to post a weekly recap of Mets’ Spring Training Notes.

    Yes, it’s still basketball season, but with St. John’s basketball in the (proverbial) crapper, I do have to remark it’s spring training, the time when even the Cubs and the Pirates are filled with hope. With such optimism in the face of historical precedent, who couldn’t love MLB spring training?

    Sad that I won’t get down to Ft. Myers this year to see the Twins and Red Sox camps, or to the east coast of Florida to see the Mets’ camp, but I am sure this week’s 20 degree temperatures will make me think of Florida.


  • The former Mets who were traded for Johan Santana (Deolis Guerra, Kevin Mulvey, Philip Humber, and Carlos Gomez) are getting used to life with the Twins. Little do they know how much warmer Fort Myers is than Minneapolis.
  • Carlos Beltran has made a guarantee, and Jimmy Rollins thinks he’s a biter.
  • Carlos Delgado thinks last year’s below league average hitting at first base was a one-time thing, and not baseball-age catching up with him. I love me some Carlos, and I love your guts, but that’s what they all say.
  • The Mets have Spring Training competition (PLAY GOTAY, DAMMIT) and non-roster invitees up the wazoo, including Olmeda Saenz, Tony Armas Jr, Fernando Tatis, Jose Valentin, Nate Field, Ricardo Rincon, and Brady Clark. Here are their Met uniform numbers.
  • Duaner Sanchez and Juan Padilla are looking good recovering from their injuries.
  • JOHAN! Santana is already dealing out pitching filth.
  • CitiField has a logo (do you think it looks like a Dominos Pizza too?) and another rendering:
  • CitiField logoCitiField exterior rendering

  • And, how are those Phillies doing, anyway?
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    Bruce Pearl, A Little Grabby

    February 25, 2008 Comments off

    Enjoy video of Bruce Pearl, halftime at the Tennessee defeat of the Memphis Tigers, giving a hands on demonstration of Memphis defense… by grabbing Erin Andrews after her first question.

    I used to think Bruce Pearl was a bit of a clown, but his crazy exuberance and “us against them” mentality is really working for the Vols.

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    #1 Memphis vs #2 Tennessee – the Showdown

    February 23, 2008 Comments off

    To wipe the taste of a pasting out of my mouth, I’ll be following the Memphis vs Tennessee action on TV and checking out the Memphis Tigers blog. Here’s a video chat between that blogger, Dodd, and a U of Tennessee basketball blogger.

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    Coaching Carousel: Up and Coming/ Hot Coaches

    February 23, 2008 1 comment

    With bracketbusters on tap on ESPN Networks today, and many teams in the search for a coaching upgrade, I put together a list of up and coming/ hot coaches from strong programs who may be moving on to bigger money gigs, trying to revive struggling programs, testing their mettle against the best coaches. And it’s nice to have a list less negative than the Coaches on the Hot Seat list.

    Kansas Carousel

    Every year the pundits and bloggers look at the gaudy mid-major records of young coaches and think “that coach could be our Bruce Pearl. He could be our Thad Matta.” But how many of these coaches move on to definite success? And how many become mediocre coaches, hampered by their school’s status and/ or funding?

    Coaching and recruiting has very few sure things for most schools, even when they open the pocketbooks up wide; for my tastes, I like a coach who has proven to be able to teach players how to be effective season in and season out in their conference, coaches who can find ways to get players to score with at least a credible attention to defense.

    And, of course, I pulled this list from personal observation, looking over records, and coaches who local journalists and/or fans mention as possibilities for schools. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and most of these coaches are lined up for a shot at major conference success.

    The East Coast Bias’ List of Up And Coming Coaches

    Sean Miller – Xavier: Former Pitt star is having great success; I’d count on him reaching the second weekend of this year’s NCAA Tournament. Like Skip Prosser and Thad Matta before him, this coach will see his bank account swell in a few months’ time.

    Travis Ford – Massachusetts: The Boyish Wonder (and all-around good guy) has put U Mass back on the map. He’s 37-24 with the minutemen, and expect the southern schools to start calling.

    Anthony Grant – Virginia Commonwealth: Grant was tabbed as next coach at Florida for a day before Billy Donovan returned, knocked off Duke in NCAA tournament in 2007. Coached under Donovan. He’ll be a hot ticket this offseason.

    Darrin Horn, Western Kentucky: 4 consecutive seasons of 20 or more wins? A former Marquette assistant under Tom Crean, he’s 82-41 overall. And look at the efficiency numbers—that’s a pretty good Sun Belt team.

    Brad Brownell, Wright State: 126-56 as the coach of Wright State and before that, UNC-Wilmington. Note his Indiana roots. His name has come up in conversations about IU’s next coach, if they do not keep one of the assistants in charge.

    Jim Larranga – George Mason: got them to the final four; he’s a former Bowling Green coach, Archbishop Molloy (Queens) grad, played for Jack Curran, graduated from Providence. Beat U Conn to get to the Final Four; his last two teams have peaked well at the end of the year.

    Keno Davis – Drake: Bright young son of Coach Dr. Tom Davis, has Drake ranked. Drake. You didn’t even know that was a school. This is his first full year as a head coach, however. He has worked under Bruce Pearl, his father, and Gary Garner, former coach at Southeast Missouri State (located in one of the nation’s cruddiest cities, Cape Griardeau).

    Jim O’Brien – former Ohio State coach, brought the Buckeyes to the Final Four in ’99. From St. Francis Prep and Boston College, he was fired for NCAA rules violations—improper payments to players. The restrictions on his coaching (an effective ban) were lifted this year.

    Mike Montgomery – former Stanford and Golden State (NBA) coach; he might look to get back into coaching on the West Coast. Always had solid teams at a tough academic school, and has a Final Four appearance. Has a 547-244 record at the University of Montana and in 18 years at Stanford. He’s working as an Assistant to the Athletic Director at Stanford.

    Scott Sutton – Oral Roberts: He’s the other Sutton son, and doing a better job than his brother at Oklahoma State, getting to the NCAA Tournament in ’06 and ’07. Last ear, he beat former boss Bill Self’s Kansas Jayhawks at Allen Fieldhouse.

    Chris Lowery – Southern Illinois: The Salukis coach was mentioned for some jobs in the past, his tough defensive team has had offensive struggles this year. At their best, the patient offense and in-your-shirt defense has brought deep in the NCAA Tournament; last year’s team gave #1 seed Kansas fits in their Sweet Sixteen loss, playing a near-perfect basketball game given their talent.

    Tommy Dempsey – Rider: The Bloomsburg university graduate has coached at Division III, Junior College, and Division II, and for 2 years at Rider. His overall record is 104-27; his record at Rider so far is 34-24.

    Jim Baron – Rhode Island: The season is falling apart a little for the Rams (20-7; 6-6 in conference), but they beat Providence and Syracuse early, and they can score. He’s been at St. Francis, and St. Bonaventure, has 5 NIT appearances and 2 NCAA appearances; his overall record is 293-297 in 20 years.

    Steve Alford – New Mexico: This can’t be the final destination for Alford, the former Indiana player and Bobby Knight star and Iowa coach. He has an overall record of 389-189, and he was 61-67 in the Big Ten.

    Brian Gregory – Dayton: The former Tom Izzo/ Michigan State assistant coach probably had a better shot at a big time job before his team started tanking in conference. 75-49 in 5 seasons at Dayton so far, he apparently has a good reputation as a recruiter. He played at the Naval Academy and the University of Oakland.

    Bob McKillop – Davidson: Seems to like where he is, and having a year or two more of Stephen Curry’s shooting talents at the small academic southern school.

    Got more? Comment below!


    February 21, 2008 7 comments

    In the wake of the great Mike Bibby/ Tyronn Lue trade, the Cavaliers, Bulls, and Sonics have worked out a trade of their own:

    Bulls get:
     Larry Hughes (talented but injured)
     Drew Gooden (good rebounder but better on a running team)
     Cedric Simmons (where was he again?)

    SuperSonics get:
     Chris Duhon (mediocre point guard but upgrade)
     Ira Newble (expiring contract)
     Donyell Marshall (expiring, apparently)
     (what, there’s no 2009 relocation discount that could be traded?)
     Adrian Griffin (expiring)

    The Cavaliers get:
     Wally Szczerbiak (a shooter? In Cleveland?)
     Joe Smith (rebounds)
     Delonte West (a cheaper Larry Hughes)
     Ben Wallace (comes with a gong for a reason)

    And the Rockets are active as well.

    Timberwolves get:

    Kirk Snyder

    Rockets get:
    Gerald Green

    Okay. Maybe both teams were just bored and they like mid season press conferences to remind the fans that their teams still exist. I guess Green is… younger, and more athletic, so the Timberwolves wanted… experience for their 20-win season.

    MORE ROCKET TRADES! CRAZINESS! They dig deep into the draft list records of the last few years for these:

    Hornets get:
     Bonzi Wells (out of favor in Houston)
     Mike James (credible scoring point guard)
    Adam Haluska (rookie shooter)

    Rockets get:
     Bobby Jackson (low knucklehead factor guard in his waning days – an Adelman favorite)
     (rights to) Sergei Lishouk (WHO ARE THESE GUYS?)

    Grizzlies get:
    Marcus Vinicius (no, really. I watch the draft ever year. Who is this?)
     (rights to) Malick Badiane (who is this?!)
     CASH MONEY! (the real key to the deal for Memphis)

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    Kelvin Sampson, Fired.

    February 21, 2008 1 comment

    Kelvin Sampson was informed today that he will no longer be the coach at Indiana University.

    Kelvin Sampson faux Verizon call

    The Hoosiers are supposedly turning the reins to assistant coach Dan Dakich, who was Director of Basketball Operations at Indiana, and a head coach at Bowling Green State University previous to this. he also played for the Hoosiers from 82-85 and was an assistant coach for 10 years.

    A quick note for those who think Bob Knight is the next coach, or the answer, from NBC Sports:

    Here’s what those fans can look forward to:

    * A coach who, at 67, declared he was too tired to continue coaching Texas Tech and resigned with 10 games remaining on the schedule, plus the Big 12 Tournament and any postseason events that would want the Red Raiders.

    * Who, since 1995, owns a 5-10 NCAA Tournament record that includes six first-round eliminations.

    * Who lost NCAA Tournament games during that stretch to Jan van Breda Kolff, Jim O’Brien and Mike Jarvis, none of whom currently is a Division I head coach.

    * Who hasn’t signed a McDonald’s All-American since Jared Jeffries was lured to Indiana in 2000 and who had two such players in the late-90s — Jason Collier and Neil Reed — transfer away from the Hoosiers.

    * Who, according to, committed 20 high school prospects in his last five classes as Texas Tech who were not rated among the top 25 players at their positions — and only one who was.

    Baseball Season Means… Manny Being Manny!

    February 21, 2008 Comments off

    (thanks to Raycroft)

    From ESPN:

    “I want to stay here, but it’s up to them if they want to bring me,” he said. “But if they don’t want to bring me back, that’s fine. I know I’ll be a free agent after ’08 so that’s another thing that I’m looking forward [to].”

    “It’s up to them to say, ‘OK, we’re going take [the option]. It’s not up to me to go into the office and demand a four-year deal, whatever,” the 35-year-old Ramirez said. ” No, I’m going to come here to play the game, finish my year. If they want me to come back, I’ll come back.”

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    Dwight Howard’s Superman Dunk

    February 20, 2008 Comments off

    I just saw this dunk, thanks to Ball Hype.

    It’s actually sicker thank you think watching it the first time. As the announcer says, “he got so high, he threw it through.”


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