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phillies win world series

October 31, 2008

pico asked me to step in for a moment and celebrate the philadelphia phillies! whoooooooooooo! YES CAN US! wahoooooooooooooo! whoooooooooooooo!!!!!
(i am not the writer that pico is, but i did draw a celabratory phanatic!)

shirts: phinally! / phightin’ like it’s 1980

as a philly expat, i sadly didn’t make it back for the craziness, but through the wonders of the internets, i have been able to see car flipping, crowded streets, drunks, idiots, drunks, happy announcers, some drunks, and general craziness. however, if you are looking for the single most appropriate way to celebrate the phillies win, and the city’s first major championship since 1983, why it’s setting your boxers ablaze in the middle of broad street. i just hope this guy’s broad street bullies didn’t get too cold. pheel-deez!

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