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Last Week in the East Coast Bias

November 4, 2008 Comments off

Election 2008 is almost over. Fatigue has set in (though I don’t know why people think that elections will get any better, easier, or less pervasive). The site, this f$%king election has a typographic list of the buzzwords from the last year and a half of campaigning – including the great DMX interview. Some Republicans are claiming liberal media bias from the blogs to the New York Times. Meanwhile, Chicago’s going crazy over the Grant Park gathering where Obama will speak tomorrow night.

Eva La Rue CSI MiamiOr, if you wish to stop thinking of politics, you can watch CSI: Miami and laugh at how bad the show is. I did find one of my favorite former All My Children stars, Eva LaRue, making money as a cast member on the show. Yes, sometimes I was home when I was in high school and All My Children was on… it happens. I’m not (that) ashamed.

* The Pheel-Deez won the World Series. Eben provides some of his illustration to commemorate that most unlikely of happenings – a Philadelphia championship, and the Phillies at that. There’s also a picture of the Broad Street celebration and the requisite naked guy with fire.

* A look at the first two months (November, December)of St. John’s schedule, from the lowest of Division I to 3 of the 4 ACC teams that the Red Storm will likely face. And some notes from the New York Post, including an expectation from coach Norm Roberts that the team will be around .500 this year.

* Manhattan Coach Barry Rohrssen and Iona coach Kevin Willard discussed a Big-Five style tournament for New York’s more prominent teams at the Mid-Atlantic’s (MAAC) media day. This blog took a look at what teams could be in it and why the Big East coaches might be reluctant to enter such a deal.

* Rick Pitino had a “don’t sleep on St. John’s” quote from Big East Media Day. Then again, I guess St. John’s was so bad last year, “not sleeping” might mean that they are actually a viable team that will make some squads sweat. Doesn’t mean they’re in line for a winning season or anything, just means they’ll be pesky, like they were 2 years ago.

* An apology for ripping on Lute Olsen (not that he’s reading this blog, and cares what I think), once it came to light that the former Arizona coach is suffering from depression.

* The schools in Athens, Georgia closed for the annual Cocktail Party game vs. Florida in Jacksonville… the Georgia Bulldogs got smacked. I bet the schoolteachers who played hooky really wonder if that was worth it.

Last Week in the East Coast Bias

October 28, 2008 2 comments

Slate asks why do politicians seem to have so many affairs, and such iffy marriages? How did AIG use 75% of the government bailout lifeline (and how are they now asking for more)?

And 30 Rock is coming back this week – watch for Oprah and a fine actress named Tijuana Ricks on the flight behind Tina Fey and Oprah. Tina Fey tank topTina Fey gets to be known for more than her Sarah Palin impression.

* St. John’s didn’t get the coveted recruit, Jordan Williams. The Torrington High forward chose Maryland for the playing time and criminal justice program. Good luck to him; perhaps he’ll become like Sean May – a little earthbound but extrememly capable in the post.

* The East Coast Bias’ Big East Projections (discussed a little on Villanova By The Numbers), with Louisville in the number 1 regular season spot.

* Big East media day notes include the coaches’ preseason poll, links to other Big East scribes and quotes from Justin Burrell from, and more quotes from Burrell on knowing his role.

* Connecticut’s Nate Miles, after violating his restraining order, will go to the College of Southern Idaho, or CSI, to play ball for a year. Will he be back at U Conn? Will he go somewhere else, or even to the professional ranks?

* A note on the upcoming preseason NIT Tournament, based on a post from Storming the Floor.

* In case no one’s disabused you of the notion, public stadium financing doesn’t lead to strong local economic impact.

* Lute Olsen steps down as head coach of Arizona (the title of the post refers to how Bill Belichick stepped down from his day-long stint as the head coach of the New York Jets); this post is on how I think head coaches who quit suddenly aren’t practicing what they preach, and how Arizona’s future is still bright.

* Unfortunately, one of our favorite blogs, CardsHoops, seems to have hung up the keyboard.

* The Mets hired a coach with the awesome name Razor Shines. There is also a Moneyball movie coming out.

* Isiah Thomas may have overdosed on a few too many sleeping pills… but there will be more on this during the week.


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Last [2 Weeks] in the East Coast Bias

September 8, 2008 Comments off

College Basketball is just around the corner – as is my wedding, meaning that sometimes, the East Coast Bias’ posts will be intermittent. But while Tom Brady was getting hurt, MTV had some award show or something and Christina Aguilera (at left) looked like a young Elvira; while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were brought BACK under government control (HANDOUT ALERT! MORAL HAZARD ALERT!); Christina Aguilera at Video Music Awardsand while ABC gets to be the first station to lob softball questions at the hopeful "VPILF", and attender of 4 undergraduate colleges before graduating, Sarah Palin…

+ Trevor Mbakwe suddenly transfers from Marquette, reminding this observer of Qa’rraan Calhoun’s sudden departure from St. John’s a year ago.

+An Olympic Recap? How long since I’ve done a blog roundup?

+ Watch the Rudy Fernandez dunk on Dwight Howard.

+ And if you’re in his district in Queens, vote Dave Kerpen for City Council.

+ The Red Storm were going to go to Cancun for a set of preseason games, but Hurricane Gustav knocked those plans out.

+ Norm Roberts coached in a charity tournament to benefit families of victims of the September 11th plane attacks in New York.

+ Oswald Cross and Kimani Young were formally introduced as members of the St. John’s coaching staff. Kimani Young will be head team manager/ video coordinator, and Oz Cross will be the administrative assistant.

+ The Red Storm 2008-2009 schedule is out. Athlon Sports has the team 16 (that would be bottom) in the Big East, and most other prognosticators have the squad in the bottom four of the league.

+ A recruit that St. John’s didn’t sign (by all indications it was St. John’s choice despite what the players people say) named Donald Williams will enroll and play at the University of Kentucky. Did St. John’s make a mistake and not sign an impact player? Time will tell. (I’m guessing on no.)

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Last Week In the East Coast Bias

August 18, 2008 Comments off

Minka Kelly, Adrianne Palicki, Aimee teegarden from TV's Friday Night LightsIf I name these recap posts “This Week in the Bias,” maybe they will be mistaken for This Week in Baseball (TWIB). I don’t know why my parents decided to move the land of hurricanes; now I have to track Tropical Storm Fay.

I’d post a picture of a hurricane, but I came across a Friday Night Lights picture on the Big Lead’s daily recap, and while I know I will hear it from some corners, it’s too good a picture of Minka Kelly/ Adrianne Palicki/ Aimee Teegarden NOT to post (it’s originally taken from GQ magazine).

So, to recap:

+ The man who will always be measured up to Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, had a nice debut and looks like John Krasinski from the Office.

+ An update on Bootsy Thornton, a St. John’s star from 8 years ago playing on top European basketball clubs.

+ Another update, this time on Daryll “Showtime” Hill. On the court at St. John’s it was hard to decide if he was “dynamic and surrounded with no talent” or “a streetball gunner”; injuries derailed his career when there was relatively competitive talent on the floor.

+ Recruiting updates on Kevin Parrom and James Padgett. Kevin Parrom gave a great interview to the folks at Johnny Jungle.

+ Jason Kidd breaks it off with another ladyfriend.

+ A sports hits post include a ridiculous comment thread on Oregon State coach Craig Robinson hijacked by anti-Obama foolishness, what T. Boone Pickens is really after with his wind power project, South Florida losing another recruit, cast notes on Friday Night Lights, and more.

Last Week in the East Coast Bias

August 11, 2008 Comments off

Isaac HayesBefore Isaac Hayes died, and while you were reading Meghan McCain’s (the presumptive Republican nominee’s daughter) blog, this blog was keeping up with a slow week on the college basketball and sport front. Except for that Favre thing:

  • Midsummer College Hoops Notes: John Riek to Cincy, other contender’s for this coming year’s men’s basketball championship, creative recruiting, Maryland vs. Georgetown not being in the cards at the Old Spice Classic, Syracuse players in some legal trouble, and Hoop Dreams available online @ Hulu.

  • This blog’s take on Cards Hoops St. John’s entries (Young Mase, Burrell, Kennedy) in their top 75 listing.

  • A Guide to Cancun for college players going down Mexico way to play exhibition games – the benefits, and results from Arkansas, Baylor, and Auburn’s trips down there last year, with quotes from news articles and a video of the Baylor players partying a l’il bit.

  • Around the Big East with more on Cincy commit John Riek, Jordan Williams and Durand Scott (both 2009 targets), and some blog links to Villanova By the Numbers and Northwestern Wins.

  • St. John’s schedule update with confirmation that the Red Storm will be playing Cornell at Boston College in the preseson NIT. (looking at the Pomeroy stats… could be a tough game, though they hardly played anyone of consequence last year. I can’t believe I wrote “Cornell” and “tough game” in the same sentence. My friends barely knew they had a basketball team when they attended.)

  • New staff members for St. John’s, with strong local recruiting ties, are possible. Coach Roberts wanted to bring in players without currying favor with one summer league team or another… guess he’s given that one up.

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