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Luke Harangody’s Celebrity Look-a-Like

March 14, 2008 Comments off

Luke Harangody is the Big East Player of the Year, and the Indiana player is gaining national notice. But every time I look at him, he looks like someone else… Friday Night Lights’ star Jesse Plemons, who plays tight end Landry Clarke:

Harangody BloodyJesse Plemons

Harangody Sports Illustrated)

Jesse Plemons and Adrienne Palicki

You know it’s true.

From Harangody’s (nicknamed “Gody”) SI feature, by the way:

In his second season as part of a close-knit Notre Dame team, Harangody looks very much at ease. He has partnered with junior guard Kyle McAlarney to become the Irish’s resident pranksters. They both pack masks in their road bags — ‘Gody’s is an evil clown, McAlarney’s is the Jigsaw Killer from Saw. Says junior forward Ryan Ayers, “You have to get back to your hotel room before [Harangody] does because he’ll get your roommate to let him in, then hide in your closet and scare the heck out of you.”

March Madness Access, LSU, NJIT, and Scrabulous

March 14, 2008 1 comment

While the rest of the bored Friday internet seekers are looking for pictures of Eliot Spitzer’s call girl (by the way – people, stop talking about her character. It’s the Gov who did wrong! She’s just working!), some links:

– current St. John’s assistant Chris Casey has applied for the NJIT job. You know, the former Newark College of Engineering, the new Division I team that went 0-29 this year, have no conference, and are an engineering school in Jers. I guess after this year at St. John’s, anything could be an improvement.

Louisiana State has hollered at Tim Floyd about coming to the Bayou to make the Tigers work.

– Did you know you could watch the NCAA Men’s basketball games online for free? If your work doesn’t block it, of course. And even then, isn’t the cloak still around? I think it is. Get around your work restrictions! They may take your jobs, but they’ll never take your… BASKETBALL!

– Meanwhile, the NCAA is working on new ways to pack in football-sized crowds for the finals.

Facebook’s Scrabulous vs the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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Friday Night Lights’ Third Season is Possible

March 12, 2008 Comments off

Friday Night Lights may be returning under a joint deal between DirecTV and NBC. This is the post from BuzzSugar; nothing is signed yet, and the show may be on DirecTV in some manner. But I’ve got DirecTV and wild horses couldn’t keep me from watching the best show on TV (now that the Wire is gone):

Friday Night Lights Season 1

Touchdown? Friday Night Lights Might Get a Third Season!

OK, so it’s just a rumor right now, but it’s a credible one: Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Friday Night Lights will be renewed for a third season, thanks to a partnership with DirecTV. No deal has been officially announced, but another report says it’s just waiting for a signature.

In essence, the deal will have NBC and DirecTV sharing the costs for producing the show. What, exactly, does that mean for us actually getting to see these new episodes of FNL? Unfortunately, that’s not clear yet. I’m hoping the deal looks something like the NBC/USA arrangement with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where episodes air first on USA and later on NBC; as a non-DirecTV subscriber, it would be sad to have to wait, but knowing I’d see the show eventually would be good enough. What I’m hoping won’t happen is what NBC did with Passions, which made the episodes available only on DirecTV and nowhere else.

So, until the details are announced, I’m only going to consider this about 85 percent good news. But hey, that’s better than nothing, right? Meanwhile, the Save Friday Night Lights folks still have more mini-footballs on the way, so we fans are definitely being heard. Say it with me now: Clear eyes, full hearts . . .

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ESPN’s Student Spirit Week?

February 2, 2008 Comments off

ESPN’s Student Spirit Week = a cheap excuse to try and bring in casual college basketball fans with a branded umbrella. They should have fans announcing the games if they want to get more people involved. Or alumni. Or maybe just LET THE GAMES SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Anyone out there drawn in by a branded “Student Spirit Week?”

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One MORE Post

January 14, 2008 Comments off

Thanks to Kelly Dwyer’s blog on Yahoo’s NBA Experts section, I have now seen Richard Jefferson give the Atlanta Hawks’ Shelden Williams the poster dunk. Extra points for having the ball bounce off of the former Duke player’s body, recovering on the ground.

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Rick Barnes, Television Cameo Star

January 14, 2008 Comments off

During Missouri’s fast-paced, ridiculous-shooting 97-84 win over the #13 Texas Longhorns at Columbia, the announcers pointed out why the face at the end of last Friday’s Friday Night Lights looked familiar– it was Texas coach Rick Barnes. Kinda nondescript, but he sells one of the character on “trust” as the football coach of Texas Methodist U, which is a stand-in for the University of Texas in the show– the BIG school in Texas.

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