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Game #33: Marquette 74 vs St. John’s 45 – Keys to the Game and Postgame Media

March 12, 2009 3 comments

A continuation from yesterday’s post.

5 Points, or, Keys to the Game

Forward Effort? Two free throw attempts by Rob Thomas. 6 shots by Sean Evans with 4 turnovers. 3 boards from Justin Burrell , and 5 apiece from the other two; the team gave up 17 offensive rebounds to a team that missed 27 shots? And only picked up 8 offensive boards on 28 misses. St. John’s didn’t just get defeated on the glass, they were mutilated. Score: F.

Young Legs: The postgame remarks below talk about tiredness, lack of energy (and preparation). The team defended poorly, got out-hustled, and couldn’t score. Score: F.

Defense and Pace: The game was at St. John’s slower pace, but it didn’t matter; the team turned the ball over anyway. Marquette couldn’t score early, but that didn’t really matter, because St. John’s scored like an elementary school team. The defense was hardly there. Score: D.

Repeat Performances: Horne wasn’t terrible, overall, but not an impact player early. Kennedy was relatively okay. Sean Evans didn’t have a repeat performance in him, and the rest of the team actually performed far worse in this matchup than against Marquette on Valentine’s Day. Score: F.

The Basics – Make Shots: Wow. They couldn’t even get shots off. It was sad, disgusting, and I still haven’t seen the second half. Score: F.

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Not All of the A-10 is in Top Form

January 10, 2008 Comments off

St Louis Billikens image(Hat tip to eben for sending this along)

St. Louis University. They have to be everyone’s favorite college with a team mascot created by an art teacher in 1908 and a head coach who seriously resembles a Billiken. Tonight, they hit a new low while adjusting to the Rick Majerus era, scoring 20 points in a 48 minute game, breaking a post-shot clock record for fewest points in a game. So Georgia Southern and Princeton, your 21 point “efforts” are wiped away for all time.

Thank the “good luck figure who represents the way things ought to be.”

Also, the Billikens lost tonight’s game, 49-20 to the George Washington Colonials, in both teams’ A-10 league openers.