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Rob Thomas on Outside the Lines on ESPN

August 11, 2009

Coming next in the player review series will be Rob Thomas. But today – a photo set from St. John’s sports of an Outside the Lines piece ESPN will be airing on Rob, focusing on his past (it seems) being homeless at times Uptown.

I’ll be looking out for the airing on ESPN and will keep y’all updated.

  1. Annette Rogers Schwartz
    November 5, 2009 at 2:12 pm

    As a journalist, I find Rob’s story about being homeless for three years after it sounds like he got tired of being passed back and forth between his mom and grandma’s house just fascinating. It is little wonder to me that even at only like age 34, he comes across with such strength and character, in his writing and also in his persona as a stage performer. I can relate because, although his bio doesn’t say exactly what happened to his dad, since one isn’t mentioned, I am guessing his dad wasn’t a big part of his life, and my own dad left me when I was only two. I haven’t experienced dyslexia, but have experienced some other personal challenges involving a brain disorder, and the irony is these things usually affect the most highly intelligent and highest performing individuals. The brain is a really amazing thing in the way it can present itself, and it is really inspiring that while he experiences dyslexia, he can still write such amazing music for himself and even other artists. I have seen him being interviewed in person and by local dj’s and he is really articulate, so it surprised me that this is something that he had experienced. Maybe he should consider being more involved in advocacy for kids who are finding out they have issues with being diagnosed this way, because he could then provide maybe support to kids who are struggling, much the same way that Nick Jonas has provided so much support for kids who are being diagnosed and who struggle with juvenile diabetes? Although that is not to say that I don’t completely admire the advocacy he already practices through various causes. It is a great thing that after the indisputable lonliness he had to have suffered through as a child that he has found the beautiful girl he is involved with, Marisol is it? A woman like that with, not sure her background, but who perhaps has experienced some of the same difficulties could be such a gift to this young man’s life. I mean he has fame and probably a nice fortune that would usually go along with that, but the one thing he misses without a Marisol in his life is that piece that completes him. Friends and a little white dog are great, but there is nothing like that real thing, that lady who helps fill up the broken places in one’s heart and life, eh? Now the only thing that I was told is that he is really against having kids, and maybe he should re-examine that idea. Kids can be a real pain, no doubt about that one, but the thing is, “a hundred years from now it will not matter what one’s bank account was, the sort of house one lived in, or the kind of car one drove (or didn’t drive if his residence is maybe in a big city like NYC where it is easier to just walk or take public transportation)…But the world maybe be different because one was important in the life of a child. He, especially because of his life experience with struggles in his childhood, and without a father, should really consider being a part of the actual life of some kids I know personally. As if his music wasn’t already a gift to them, his presence would be an even greater gift, especially if he knows how to read “Pooh,” and other Disney books to kids. Maybe him and Disney should even pair up and he could do a cool album with other artist more focused on kids and what they really want and need to hear. And finally, him and his wife are such a lovely couple together, and seem so happy to be friends for life, that they really should share that with the world and reconsider having a kid. There is no greater way to thank God for putting you with your soul matee than to pass that on to the world by trying to pay it forward and being a little one of your own into the world. I can just imagine the musical talent being passed on to the next generation this way (as well as whatever Marisol’s gifts and talents being passed on well).

    Have a blessed day and remember pay your blessings forward Rob!

    A Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas fan with three little girls who also love your music,
    Annette Rogers-Schwartz

    • picodulce
      November 5, 2009 at 2:21 pm

      That’s a lovely comment. But I am afraid to say, that link is about another Rob Thomas, who was also homeless and now plays college basketball in New York. Not as famous as the Matchbox 20 singer!

  2. Annette Rogers Schwartz
    November 19, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Sorry, I should have known because the Matchbox 20 singer’s bio on his website talks about he knows music, but doesn’t get it when it comes to cars and sports. Although, personally, even though I don’t know him, only know his artistic work, I feel as though he is underestimating his ability when it comes to understanding sports. When I did write as a profession, one thing I covered was sports and if you can understand human emotion enough to write about it in the form of one’s music, you can understand the human emotion that drives athletes to be just as talented in their craft if you will as the best of musicians out there.

    I blame the web for all this explosion of information that leads to misinformation and lack of understanding of what is real and what is not, and what is really going on in our world today as it pertains to the facts, and what is nothing but aggressively perpetuated rumor. The journalist in me, who still has some semblance of ideals as they are described in the Society of Professional Journalist’s motto, which is unfortunately more often than not what today’s journalists don’t follow, is sorely disappointed that the internet lacks regulation. While the internet has a lot to offer on its information highway, one of the biggest things it offers is danger to the most ignorant and naive of its users out there in cyberspace.

    Again, my apologies for the error. Rob Thomas is a household name to some of us who are his fans, but I forgot that as far as the English language goes, it’s a really common name. So it was really an easy mistake for me or anyone to make :)

  1. August 19, 2009 at 12:14 pm
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