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The Most Wonderful Time…

March 15, 2009

Need a bracket? Here’s a .pdf from CBS.

How did bracketologists predict the seeds? Check.

What’s the most likely 12 over 5 win? Vote.

Need an NCAA Schedule (without times). Figure out when you’re calling in sick.

Bubble teams have no reason to complain, according to the Dagger blog. You can also vote/ rank your “snubs” on ESPN.
the only team I feel any sadness for is Penn State, mostly because I wanted to see them play. And Auburn, I like the way they played in the SEC tournament. Arizona? Kind of a gift there… and Kentucky fans might be burning Billy Clide’s house right now.


  • Marquette got a 6 seed? Not a little low?
  • I think I’ll be picking Binghamton over Duke. Yeah. I just said it. I reserve the right to go back on that in a day or two.
  • I’ll be watching all of the 7-10 matchups. I think Boston College isn’t all that good, California’s fun to watch but Maryland holds a place in my heart, Clemson seems a little underranked, and I hope Minnesota waxes Texas.
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