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CBS Sports Bloggers’ Blogpoll, Week 3

February 22, 2009


#1: Pitt.

2-5: The great quandary: Oklahoma. They played decently without Blake Balloon poppedGriffin against Texas, one of the few rivals that Oklahoma has. But I think this Texas team is just not good. Do I drop Oklahoma for losing an away game after an injury to their lynchpin? But I think Texas is better than that inconsistent, Morgan State-losing Maryland Squad. And UNC lost to the Terps. So that closes that case. U Conn’s still a great team, just not as great as the Panthers; is their #1 seed close to popping? I like what Louisville is up to, but I know better than to blow up wins over Providence and Cincy too much.

2-10: I think Duke had an okay week, but I expected them to be much better against St. John’s. I am wildly unconvinced about this team. The win over Wake kept them in this lofty perch.

North Carolina needed to just blow out those Hurricanes and defang NC State. They did not. And then a loss to Maryland? This was supposed to be a “done deal” national championship team? Something smells like cowpies, and that is why we all love this sport. Not the cowpies. The volatility.

Marquette has a serious chance to prove what’s really good about the Eagles – this is the U Conn/ Louisville/ Pitt stretch that could get Marquette a 2-seed if they come out with one loss. I reread that and thought “I drank too much this weekend,” so let me amend that to say that this is the stretch that gives us an answer about how good the Golden Eagles are.

And Nova’s win at Syracuse was a solid road win.

10-20: That Michigan State loss at Purdue was… statistically terrible. I will give them a little benefit of the doubt playing on the road against a team that’s better than it appears in Purdue but… ugh.

Despite the ugliest loss I’ve heard about in a while, Illinois has beaten Purdue twice and has more quality wins, so they get the nod.

I realized I have Arizona State ranked too low. And UCLA too high; but I haven’t seen those games so I can’t say that I would drop them out of my top 20. I do have an “East Coast Boas” after all (and have been traveling to see some fam).

20+: Butler, Cal, Dayton – you all disappoint me. Leave my poll. Do the walk of shame. Butler, especially – losing to Illinois-Chicago? I watched Butler eviscerate that same team at Loyola and I have no idea how they could lose to such an inept squad. Beating Davidson brings some props but it doesn’t counter two very bad losses. I wanted to drop Xavier like a naughty habit, but that would have caught me putting in the likes of Siena or Texas, and I am not convinced.

Welcome to Louisiana State and an Arizona team that is coming on strong. But they started so weak that I feel dirty putting them in a top 25.

Rank Team Delta
1 Pittsburgh 3
2 Oklahoma
3 Connecticut 2
4 North Carolina 1
5 Louisville 2
6 Duke 1
7 Villanova 2
8 Wake Forest 2
9 Marquette 2
10 Clemson 2
11 Michigan St. 1
12 Memphis
13 Missouri 3
14 Washington 1
15 Illinois 2
16 Purdue 5
17 Arizona St. 5
18 Kansas 2
19 UCLA 5
20 Gonzaga 2
21 Louisiana St.
22 Xavier 9
23 West Virginia
24 Utah
25 Arizona
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: Butler (#19), California (#23), Dayton (#25).

Comments? Gripes with my top 25? Holler at me below. I’m going to sleep.

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