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2009 Coaches On the Hot Seat: The Firing Squad Started, Gottfried + Felton

January 29, 2009

Since I last posted on the college coaching carousel, and the coaches on the hot seat, Mark Gottfried and now Dennis Felton have both been asked to leave their respective programs, Alabama and Georgia. Alabama and Georgia are going to be staring at some of the same coaches; with Mike Anderson using “right now” to say “Mizzou better up my deal or I will look at these other jobs,” and one columnist thinks Anthony Grant has a jones for the Georgia Bulldog basketball job.

Mark Bradley has a short post on how Dennis Felton was the right man for the job, but had the wrong results. I’d add, though, that any coach that has to repeatedly kick players off the team (see: Mike Mercer, et al) has a bit of a problem. If that comes with some decent coaching, that’s fine, but roster turnover and good teams don’t seem to happily coexist.  I also wonder if the timing of the move was not to get up in VCU coach Anthony Grant’s business, to start subtly sweet talking the man so he can come to the fertile recruiting ground of Georgia.

My list is shrinking by the day, and Jerry Wainwright got a few words of support… or was that the dreaded vote of confidence (the phrase was “intention to retain” Wainwright, after all)? An 0-16 Big East year should be cause for firing, especially with no big recruits in the works.

A coaches on the move post is coming.

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