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How That Mountain Air Taste?

September 19, 2008

I mean ARR! How that mountain air taste? It is Talk Like a Pirate Day, after all.

I had to check West BY GOD Virginia after last night’s nationally televised football game. Where the Mountaineers lost to the Colorado Buffaloes in a fashion more befitting the New York Jets than a team with a Heisman candidate QB. It was awful, pathetic at times. And still, West Virginia played good defense and had chances to win…

But they didn’t. Bill Stewart has that folky, joyous “we’re gonna go get ‘im!” thing that people love in coaches, but damn, what the hell was happening down there? I thought ESPN focused a bit much on the sideline disarray (they have to give Erin Andrews something to do every day, huh? Aren’t there other reporters? Erin Andrews fatigue!), and while I liked the analysis from some kicker who works on production staff or produces, there was too much going on from ESPN.

But there was something real wrong happening on the field of play. Do they know about the forward pass on Stewart’s staff? It’s a good way to shake things up for the opponent. Credit due to Dan Hawkins and his staff for a good game plan. His son, Cody, might be one of my favorite college players. He has all the makings of a future coach – he’s a sound enough QB, played smart, but he’s short and my God, his arm is not very good. Making his solid passes on a windy night that much more impressive.

But West Virginia looked like a team that traveled across the country and just woke up, and they didn’t stay at the Holiday Inn the night before. In the first quarter, I really though the Buffs would run away on them. Even when the Mountaineers were playing decently, they really needed to involve the rest of the team (though apparently running back Noel Devine had 133 yards) instead of running the option. And the time outs at the end of the halves were awful. Like Herm Edwards a few years ago, they need a clock management coach, There were opportunities for the “one more play” and the “long field goal”, for sure.

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