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The Big Hits 9.09.08

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A football recap.

NY Post Back Cover Tom Brady+ As you know by now, the Cheifs eliminated Tom Brady from football competition for the year. Despite the fact that Yahoo! broke the Tom Brady story, the New York Post editors completely knew they were expressing joy at the man’s injury. He wears Yankee caps, you dipholes. But the Post is never actually classy, the great paper of rumor and innuendo they are.

+ Watching that Redskins/ Giants game last Thursday was great for a drive or two, and whenever Brandon Jacobs flat destroyed a safety; but the Redskins had their chances and the Giants couldn’t put them away. The Washington Post looks into what went wrong with the rookie head coach Jim Zorn and third-year QB Jason Campbell; some say he’s a poor fit for this kind of offense. For his part, Jim Zorn definitely was not hurrying things up in a hurry-up situation; it was poor execution all around and not just on the quarterback.

+ In the OH SNAP files, the Tennessean noted that Vince Young may have asked out of the game against Jacksonville, before he was injured. At the very least, he did not inform the trainers that his hamstring was tight, he simply sat to the side. Well, an update: the man who has also thought about retiring has roused concerns about his mental state (h/t to Music City Miracles):

Concerns about the well-being of Tennessee Titans’ quarterback Vince Young prompted an early morning meeting at the team’s headquarters.

Metro police officers and Titans Head Coach Jeff Fisher gathered at Baptist Sports Park around 12:30 a.m. Tuesday to meet with Young after trying to locate him.

According to sources, questions about Young’s state of mind began when the quarter back left his home abruptly at 7:30 p.m. Monday.

According to the same sources, Young seemed emotionally down and left his cell phone behind.

Titans’ officials alerted Metro police to be on the lookout for Young’s SUV.

After Coach Fisher spoke with Young, it seemed concerns about Young’s state of mind were unfounded, according to sources.

+ That Raiders game last night against the Broncos was a complete dog. Their reporters are going to go back to thesaurus to find new ways of saying "inept." DeAngelo Hall chirps a lot for a guy who picks up consecutive unsportsmanlike penalties. Poise, my man. Poise.

+ The J-E-T-S JETSJETSJETS played a decent game in Miami on Sunday, beating the Dolphins 20-14 in a game featuring an injured kicker, a furious comeback by deposed former Jet Quarterback Chad Pennington, and Favremania. Lots of room for improvement on this squad, though. Some guy named Will Leitch comments that the conservative Mangenious style may conflict with Brett "no father to my style" Favre.

Aaron Rodgers Lambeau Leap+ Aaron Rodgers had a nice debut (you cannot "flap" him!)… and Tavaris Jackson looks like a third string quarterback. Really, for a number of plays, the whole Vikings squad looked third string.

+ Joe Flacco sounds like an excited kid, and he should be – rookie starting his first NFL game, and he wins? Big runs? The Baltimore Sun lists some keys to success… they’re going to be disappointed in the "need to improve" areas. he’s still a rookie.

+ The Rams got housed. They keep this up, they’re going to get relegated and the Missouri Tigers will join the NFL. That was for the sake of joke, of course the Tigers would do worse.

+ The Lions suck way worse than the Falcons, who got a passing touchdown from their rookie QB Matt Ryan and some hella good running from Michael "I’m Free" Turner.

+ Matt Forte for the Bears proved up to the challenge of the starting job, gashing the Colts for 123 yards on Sunday night. A fun thing about being in Chicago – the city is extremely football partisan, and where I live, the Bears are part of the local culture. And it’s a walking city. So I could follow whether the Bears were doing well as I walked the dog by listening for the cheers coming out of every other apartment building, with blonde Chads and Trixies walking up to their viewing parties with cases of beer… that’s pretty cool. You don’t get that as much in New York, where fans of every team live.

I didn’t keep track of the rest of the games because, well, what is there to say about Buffalo putting 34 on Seattle, or Pittsburgh laying 38 on Houston? Carolina vs San Diego was competitive and Arizona vs San Francisco was kind of pathetic. I can’t believe Dallas didn’t put more points on the Browns.

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