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Things to do Before Going to Campus Part II

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Continuing from Anthony DiLoreto’s arrest in the previous post. Photo from South Philly Review:

Marcus + Markieff MorrisI’d forgotten to post about incoming Kansas freshman Markieff Morris and his BB gun incident:

An incoming Kansas University basketball player is accused of shooting an Airsoft rifle BB gun out of his university dorm room, possibly hitting a woman in the courtyard below, the KU Public Safety office said.

Markieff Morris, 18, was issued a notice to appear in court after the incident, which the KU Public Safety office said occurred about 11:15 p.m. Saturday at Jayhawker Towers. According to a report from the KU Public Safety Office, Morris was suspected of using alcohol.

Kansas Coach Bill Self responded:

"We take this matter very seriously. Poor judgment was used by ever bringing an Airsoft gun, (one) that can be purchased at Wal-Mart, on campus that can shoot plastic BBs," he said.

"I would say concerning any alcoholic consumption, we do not condone that either. I am still gathering information to see if that actually occurred."

I understand that Kansas is boring, especially in comparison to Philadelphia, where he and his brother Marcus are from, but don’t drink and shoot BBs. One or the other, and watch your aim, kid. This is the kind of dumb thing that college freshmen… okay, college kids… okay, lots of people accidentally do.

But when you’re a high-profile athlete on a high-profile team, try not to beat the piss out of people, and try not to shoot BB guns. The urge overtakes all of us, I am sure.

Are these rifles popular? Not my area of expertise, here.

Airsoft rifle M82

Things to do Before Going to Campus

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picture from MN Sports Preview

Anthony DiLoretoGoodman’s Blog posts an incredible bit of crime news:

Incoming Cal Poly 7-footer Anthony DiLoreto was arrested and charged with robbing a bank.

DiLoreto, 18, who averaged 8.2 points per game as the starting center at Hopkins High in Minnesota last season, and a 16-year-old robbed a Wisconsin bank on Saturday morning and DiLoreto is accused of being the getaway driver.

The 16-year-old admitted, in a police report, it was his idea. The plan was to duct-tape the employees in the vault. He brought in a sawed-off shotgun that reportedly didn’t have any bullets, left the bank with about $1,000 – but DiLoreto had already left the scene.

More from the Minneapolis Star-Tribune:

DiLoreto was to have driven the getaway car for a 16-year-old boy, who according to police was carrying a shotgun believed to belong to DiLoreto when he robbed the bank, authorities said.

According to a complaint filed Monday in Burnett County, DiLoreto and the 16-year-old, with whom he played basketball, planned the robbery Friday night. The plan was for the 16-year-old to rob the bank while DiLoreto waited outside to drive the getaway vehicle.

DiLoreto apparently heard sirens and drove away before his 16-year-old cohort came out of the bank. Police and rescue workers were responding to an accident involving an all-terrain vehicle across the street from the bank at the time of the robbery at 9:55 a.m., said Burnett County Sheriff Dean Roland.

You know… even if they did get away, if anyone saw them, I don’t think they’d have a problem identifying a lanky tall white guy with his seat real far back in broad daylight. And bank robberies? Come on, people always want to get their money back. It’s not going to end well if you try. Then again, bank robberies still happen. And they did the robbery 110 miles northeast of the Twin Cities (Minnetonka, where they went to high school, is a suburb). And really, just because the kid plays basketball doesn’t mean that he’s any less stupid or any more honorable than anyone else.

DiLoreto better bulk up for prison. It’s probably tougher than the Big West conference.