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Jason Kidd Doesn’t Chase ‘Em

August 13, 2008 Comments off

May Andersen modelThough he is no longer on the east coast, Jason Kidd’s dating life is amusing to watch.

Remember those classic lines from Biggie’s One More Chance (lyrics NSFW)? The original, not the remix with Mary J. Blige. Well, Jason Kidd, he’s breaking up with his current model girlfriend May Andersen. The Danish former SI swimsuit model (also famous for dating Kid Rock and hitting flight attendants) has been partying too much and it was distracting to Jason Kidd’s Olympic preparation, apparently.

In totally unrelated news, the Big Lead passes on the note that Olympic organizers passed out 100,000 condoms at the Olympic Village… since other Olympics ran out.

Keep it wrapped, J-Kidd.