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Aaron Rodgers’ Debut

August 11, 2008 4 comments

The new Packers QB was solid. It’s preseason, and the defenses are vanilla, but the new QB went 9-15 for 117 yards, a pick that hit his man’s numbers, and a touchdown that was more tough gritty hustle than it was a lovely pass.

And maybe it’s just me, but Aaron Rodgers looks like John Krasinski (Jim from the Office).  More after the jump.

John Krasinski Jim from the Office Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers

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Last Week in the East Coast Bias

August 11, 2008 Comments off

Isaac HayesBefore Isaac Hayes died, and while you were reading Meghan McCain’s (the presumptive Republican nominee’s daughter) blog, this blog was keeping up with a slow week on the college basketball and sport front. Except for that Favre thing:

  • Midsummer College Hoops Notes: John Riek to Cincy, other contender’s for this coming year’s men’s basketball championship, creative recruiting, Maryland vs. Georgetown not being in the cards at the Old Spice Classic, Syracuse players in some legal trouble, and Hoop Dreams available online @ Hulu.

  • This blog’s take on Cards Hoops St. John’s entries (Young Mase, Burrell, Kennedy) in their top 75 listing.

  • A Guide to Cancun for college players going down Mexico way to play exhibition games – the benefits, and results from Arkansas, Baylor, and Auburn’s trips down there last year, with quotes from news articles and a video of the Baylor players partying a l’il bit.

  • Around the Big East with more on Cincy commit John Riek, Jordan Williams and Durand Scott (both 2009 targets), and some blog links to Villanova By the Numbers and Northwestern Wins.

  • St. John’s schedule update with confirmation that the Red Storm will be playing Cornell at Boston College in the preseson NIT. (looking at the Pomeroy stats… could be a tough game, though they hardly played anyone of consequence last year. I can’t believe I wrote “Cornell” and “tough game” in the same sentence. My friends barely knew they had a basketball team when they attended.)

  • New staff members for St. John’s, with strong local recruiting ties, are possible. Coach Roberts wanted to bring in players without currying favor with one summer league team or another… guess he’s given that one up.

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