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Quick Nets Links

July 10, 2008 3 comments

While John McCain’s main economic advisor Phil Gramm tells you Americans how whiny you’re being about the economy

+ A profile on draft pick Ryan Anderson, where he talks about how his game won’t be easy to translate;

+ Chris Douglas-Roberts signs;

+ Ratner is geeked to tap into the future Chinese market of Brooklyn (and NY as a whole. #9 Yi jerseys on the D-train to Coney Island. Tight!), and Bobby Simmons compares Yi to… a young Kevin Garnett?

+ Nenad Krstic and Boki Nachbar are free agents; Brook Lopez and Ryan Anderson have been signed.

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Arresting News

July 10, 2008 Comments off

Wait, both of these guys are… white?

Teddy Dupay, former Florida guard, was accused of rape in Utah on June 19th. He did it Kobe-style, violent and in a ski lodge. Dupay left college after being accused of gambling on college sports. His “how can you rape someone you love” quote is curious.

Matt Jones, former Arkansas quarterback, all around awesome athlete, and current wide receiver for Jacksonville, was arrested with some of that “white powdery substance” people love to put up their nose. Not baby powder. Now, I hope Matt Jones and his career recover from this. He’s inconsistent, but fun to watch… the Jets can always take on a “troubled” character.

Friday Night Lights News (Spoilers)

July 9, 2008 1 comment

Two spoilers from Friday Night Lights after the jump:

Read more…

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Brandon Jennings to Europe for Real

July 9, 2008 2 comments

An update on top high school basketball player Brandon Jennings, who was committed to Arizona but now… will go across the Atlantic.

Adam Zagoria wonders if other top players (Lance Stephenson, perhaps) will follow suit in a year’s time and go to Europe instead of playing on a college campus. And of course, it will be interesting to see:

+ What level of team Jennings latches onto;
+ How much playing time he gets;
+ How well he does, statistically and culturally;
+ What kind of exposure he gets stateside;
+ What his draft position is (I’m sure he doesn’t intend to play in Europe for a long time);
+ Whether he understands the rookie hazing in Spain or Russia or France.

Maybe he can pull a Chris Kaman or Becky Hammon*, get dual citizenship, and play for another country in London’s 2012 Olympics.

*Video links for Becky Hammon interviews here and here.

Your Oklahoma City exSonics

July 8, 2008 Comments off

  • What should their new name be, asks Bump Shack, suggesting the Barons, the Thunder, and the Outlaws? Let’s see… lower midwestern city, no references to bombs of course… so I’d add in the Tornadoes, the Twisters, the 66s (for the route), the 89ers, the Oklahomans, the Mustangs, the Unnamed, the Amorphous, the Homesteaders, the Clay, the Dust… yes, so many names with area relevance. (edited update: the Outlaws might be the name…?)

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Woman Dunking

July 3, 2008 3 comments

And it’s not Candace Parker.

Actually, ESPN is all over Brittney Griner’s jock on their front page, and perhaps rightfully so – at 6 foot 8, she moves with an ease that I haven’t seen in a female forward.

(H/T to Girls Dig Sports)

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