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Traded Bucks, Young Bucks, Low on Bucks, and Terrapins

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Jason Taylor, once a robot, now a Redskin; Robot Jason Taylor in EnglandPeter King does a fine job breaking down the trade.

But we at the East Coast Bias are more about that college basketball, so:

ESPN on recruiting 8th graders and the commitments and decommitments that are rampant in college basketball:

For Weber, this wasn’t the initial strategy. But after missing out on nearly every big-time recruit in his own backyard recently—guys like Sherron Collins, Jon Scheyer, Derrick Rose, Julian Wright—despite coaching Illinois to the NCAA championship game, he realized something had to change. So, it did. No longer were the Illini going to wait on players. They were going to go after them young and were going to go after them hard.

A coach has to have top players to get top results, and even then, late round NCAA runs aren’t guaranteed. And a coach has to build those relationships with a player at 13, 14, when they start meeting other players and going to high level camps. If not, the sexiest, most stylish recruiting pitches won’t mean a hot danged thing.

Mount Vernon (NY) high school players are doing their part and soliciting donations to save their sports programs. Kevin Devaney publishes the address if you wish to donate:

Mount Vernon Educational Foundation Inc.
P.O. Box 476
Fleetwood Station, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. 10552

(please write “sports” in the memo section of the check)

Maryland’s basketball coach speaks to one of the school papers, the Diamondback, about the publicly tumultuous offseason. Greivis VasquezIn the article, Gary Williams sounds off on Gus Gilchrist’s decommitment and Tyree Evans’ commitment/ the critical response to said commitment/ and Evans’ decommitment (h/t to the Baltimore Sun’s Matt Bracken):

“Understand that people who are the most vocal, most visible are usually always against something,” Williams said. “People that are satisfied or happy with the ways things are – they don’t say much. It’s the same with anything, politics or sports.”

In the report, high school and AAU coaches discussed Williams’ hunger when it comes to recruiting and if his job is on the hot seat….

Williams said he is still passionate about the program and is particularly excited about this year’s team because the four-guard lineups he plans to use remind him of his days coaching at American and Boston College.

I still think the signing of Evans reeked of desperation, and he shouldn’t have been pursued. And 4 guard lineups? Better hope Terp recruit Sean Mosley is an excellent strong slasher (which his press clippings say he is) so you can take out some big men with foul trouble. Maryland doesn’t have the shooters to make 4 guard lineups work like Villanova did in the Ray/ Foye/ Nardi/ Lowry days, and the guards on the roster are turnover prone. And watching Greivis Vasquez turn over the ball as much as he did… Gary might not want to keep all of his guards on the floor at the same time without another ball handler.

Sports Links 07.21.08 – NBA

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McCain Iraq marketHere’s hoping Obama’s trip to Iraq doesn’t inspire the completely blind response from the politician that McCain’s trip did…

(image from Traitor Joe blog)

Around The Association:

+Responding to all of those signings by the CSKA Moscow and Khimki Moscow basketball clubs (just follow with me for a sec!), the Moscow Dynamo has signed Net free agent Bostjan Nachbar for $14.3 million/ 9 million euros. And if anyone knows how to get the euro symbol as I type, let me know. Also of interest is this bit from the ESPN article:

Nachbar’s deal follows a fast-developing worrisome trend for some NBA executives — based in large part on the strength of the euro against the dollar — of European-based teams being able to outbid their NBA counterparts for free agents.

+ Dave D’Alessandro reports that the Nets are hoping to sign-and-trade for Keyon Dooling, using the $3.3 million trade exception brought in from last winter’s Jason Kidd trade to the Mavericks:

The trade gives the Nets a solid backcourt trio, with a feisty, long-armed third guard who can defend both spots effectively. But it also gives them 16 guaranteed contracts, so they have stepped up their efforts to move point guard Marcus Williams, who now becomes the odd man out again.

The most logical landing spot for Williams might be one of the many teams who have their own trade exceptions — Seattle has two, in fact — and wouldn’t mind taking a chance on a work in progress with a $1.2 million price tag.

….Who is this “Seattle” he speaks of?

Mareese Speights+Former Net Tamar Slay signed a deal with Air Avellino of Italy’s Serie A league.

+Marcus Camby thinks being traded to the Clippers is the lowest point of his life. Apparently more for family issues and distance from hartford (where the Camby Man is from)… but as far as finding new doctors, everyone knows you go to LA for the doctors.

+Knick guard Nate Robinson had his jersey retired… in the Las Vegas Summer League. As FanHouse puts it, that doers seem like a backhanded compliment.

+Speaking of which, the top ten summer league players (also from FanHouse): Bayless, Love, Anthony Randolph, Donte Green, Augustin, Mensa-Bonsu, Elton Brown, Mayo, Speights, Hickson. Maybe one day they will have their summer league jerseys retired.

+A good analysis from the Oklahoman of how the “Oklahoma Thunder” name could be accurate, could be inaccurate, and could be a bad idea – there is already an Oklahoma Thunder of the World Football League in Tulsa. Not that they are major, but it could cause brand confusion… and as we know, the NBA is heavily about its branding.

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