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Friday Night Lights News (Spoilers)

July 9, 2008

Two spoilers from Friday Night Lights after the jump:

Tami, Coach, Julie Taylor, Friday Night Lights1. Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) becomes school principal. That is one meteoric rise there, Mrs. Taylor.

2. Smash Williams (Gaius Charles) and Jason Street (Scott Porter) will not be regulars on the show anymore, coming in for short story arcs only:

In a just-released statement, exec producer Jason Katims says, “Pete Berg, myself and our fellow producers have enormous respect for Scott and Gaius both as actors and individuals. In short, we love them. However, both of their characters have now graduated and in the creative spirit of the show, we have decided to give them powerful four episode arcs that will observe their characters as they launch themselves into the next phase of their lives. We certainly will keep the door open for both actors to return in the future, depending on the actors’ availabilities. We know both Scott and Gaius will go on to have enormous success and we wish the best for both of them.”

Scott Porter as Jason Street, Friday Night Lights

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