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Because I Woke Up to Watch the Boston Beatdown

June 18, 2008

(screen grab photo from beRecruited, h/t to The Big Lead)

Quick response to Siwatu’s post on the NBA Finals, complete with loose, unfounded observations:

Kevin Garnett ANYTHING IS POSSIBLEMan, the Lakers didn’t show up last night at all. I really didn’t think the Lakers were that bad in the finals; but Kobe couldn’t put anything in the hole last night.* Andrew Bynum would make this team a force; and the Celtics defense smothered and crushed and juiced the Lakers’ spirits and sense. Farmar is better than that. Luke Walton and Turiaf were nothings in the series, and they’re better than that.

Phil Jackson is better than that.

Vujacic was… well, awful. he’s a solid on-ball defender, more through annoyance and grit than anything, but as a team defender, he’s atrocious. Not as bad as Radmanovic, who, as always, has little worth on this basketball team. Pau Gasol was soooooft. They really should stop letting European white guys play in the league, they just can’t hang. I’M JOKING. Good grief, people. I think the Celtics just beat them physically and mentally. And they folded.

But along the same vein, Odom was confused. Honestly, that’s to be expected; he’s great in stretches and sometimes his brain shuts off. Stories I’ve heard back in Queens (my l’il sib has acquaintances who know him. Yes, I’m talking about some hearsay here) back up the fact that, well, that’s Odom. But he’s better than that.

I loved seeing the Celtics win, and Garnett letting his happy out. People are going to call him borderline insane, but that was just straight up HAPPY. He sounded like my aforementioned l’il sibling, actually, down to the lunatic “anything is possible” yell. And his telling Bill Russell, “I’ve got my own [ring]”. You have to love it.

Rajon Rondo was freaking nasty. I want one of them on my college team. He was ripping the ball right out of people’s hands. Kind of like Eugene Lawrence of St. John’s used to do.

Dang, those games do start late. And I’m in the midwest, with DVR. I had to sleep at the half and watched the rest in the AM. Come on, David Stern, 9.30 ET start? Let the kids watch the freaking games! And 9.30 on a Sunday night? LET THE KIDS WATCH.

Boston riotsNow, I’m just going to jack Siwatu’s Kobe vs. Jordan bullet, because it’s an excellent analogy:

In DC comics, they had this thing called Crisis on Infinite Earths years and years ago. One of the outcomes was a re-written history of Superman. The pre-Crisis Superman could do stuff like balance the Earth on his pinky finger while drinking a fifth of vodka. Post-Crisis Superman, while still the strongest character in the DC universe was considerably less ‘super.’ (He was able to be killed after all.) In my geek-oriented mind, this is the perfect analogy for Jordan and Kobe. Jordan did things (the flu-game for example) that nobody should be able to do. You never doubted for a second after the ’91 Finals that a Jordan-led team would go anything less than the distance. He could have won 10 titles if he so chose. Despite his inexplicable performance in this year’s Finals, I still think Kobe is the best player in the NBA. Nonetheless, he’ll be spending the next couple of years trying to rehabilitate his on-court image. Who’d have thought that considering the NBA’s spin masters’ Herculean attempt to transform The Mamba into the NBA’s greatest teammate and family man? There is a contemporary athlete who compares favorably to Jordan; he just happens to play golf and not roundball.

And now, for your viewing pleasure: Boston riots a little:

*Oh my God, that almost veered into an utterly tasteless joke.

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