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About Those Cubs Games…

April 25, 2008

The Mets came to town with a chance to once more let Chicago know they’re really the third or maybe fourth city by any metric, and get pasted, 7-1 last Monday and 8-1 Tuesday afternoon. I went to Monday’s game, though I didn’t meet up with the other Met fans here. Tuesday I had a chance for a free ticket but I decided not to take it (and get “sick” at work). Better that way. Grand slams by the other team make me ill.

Joe Smith let the fans know he’s got a special kind of heckling love for them, courtesy of the Home Run Derby blog.

We made fun of the Cubs fans too, what with their affinity for calling their team the “Cubbies”*, the jerks behind who were chanting Fukudome’s name as broken up in the most Americanized/ text-message language/ and puerile way, and the “Any Team Can Have a Bad Century” t-shirt I saw.

Any Team Can Have a Bad Century T Shirt Chicago Cubs

Lovable losers, indeed.

*My fiancee retorted with “Cubbies? Are we in kindergarten? I left my jacket and my bag in my CUBBIE! Waaaah!”

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