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LOL! Land O’Lakes Park

April 4, 2008

This post is intended to both give exposure to the hilarity that is the Minnesota Twins possible new park name, and to show how the news media can get away with NOT crediting a blogger whose hard work brought the story to light.

My friend Carter Hayes posted this at SBG Nation:

Very early Tuesday morning I was avoiding coursework and shoveling out from the 400+ new posts in my Google Reader. As I skimmed through my baseball feeds I came across this post on Twins Ballpark 2010 which, in part, re-opened speculation about the naming rights for the new ballpark. That post got me poking around on the web, checking out the domain availability of my favorite potential names for the new place. Lo and behold, I came across the following nugget: the top-level domains http://www.landolakespark.com and http://www.landolakesfield.com have been purchased by the Minnesota Twins. According to my WHOIS searches (see graphics below), club itself is the Registrant and the technical contact given for the domain is John Avenson, the Twins’ Vice President of Technology.

New Twins ParkWhich became the lead on the local myFox 9 Minneapolis news. The article gives no credit and no link:

The Twins have already purchased a few domain names that could indicate where the name is swaying.

In February, a blogger found that Land O’Lakes Park dot com and Land O’Lakes Field dot come were taken by the Twins.

myFox 9 News, you officially get a Bag of Dicks.

The photo here? It’s from myFox Twin Cities. But really, go back and read Carter Hayes’ post and think about the commenter who thinks the team should invest in cheerleaders (gonna be great in April, they’ll be in coats!) called the LOLCats.

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