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St John’s 07-08 Year In Review Part II-Malik Boothe

April 3, 2008

Part 0 of the Series – Opening. | Part I of the Series: Team stats.

Malik Boothe

(stats taken from BigEast.org, Statsheet, Ken Pomeroy’s Basketball Prospectus, and my own calculations)

2007-2008: Freshman
Position: Point Guard
Height: 5-9
Weight: 185 lbs
Age: 18 (04/30/1989)
Home: Rosedale, NY

High Points 11 (USF)
High Assists 10 (USF)
High Rebounds 5 (Duke)
High Minutes 37 (Prov)
High Steals 3 (Conn)

MalikMalik Boothe Boothe. Rosedale on the map! as Flavor Flav once said. Being from Rosedale/ Southeast Queens myself, it’s good to see Boothe’s tough as nails, little man point guard in the red and white. He’s well after my time, but there’s still some pride. Boothe was brought in by Coach Norm Roberts (from nearby Laurelton, as Anthony Mason’s father was) to be the point guard recruit he’s always wanted.

And most would say, “needed.” St. John’s has had 4 years of Eugene Lawrence with Daryll “Showtime” Hill moments, when he wasn’t injured; the commitment and de-commitment from Doug Wiggins, Derwin Kitchen’s ineligibility, and pretty much no one else to handle the ball. The results have been a molasses slow kind of basketball filled with turnovers in all flavors and terrible overall offensive efficiency.

Coming out of Christ the King, Malik Boothe was known as a jet-quick guard, a good passer, solid and strong defender, with deficient height and a questionable jump shot. All of these are true. In fact, the analysis is too true. Boothe’s shot is terrible. It doesn’t look bad, but that jumper doesn’t fall into the hoop. Especially from the outside. He shot 16% from beyond the arc all year. 13% in conference.

These weren’t contested shots; these were wide-open “should I take it?” kind of shots. They went clang clang clang like a bell. That’s extremely poor. Obviously, this needs to improve; he doesn’t have to be a bomber from outside (and it would be to his detriment if he was a score-first point guard), but damn, he can’t be like Chris Dudley.

His shooting was also weak inside the arc: 36.8% overall, but he improved from 32% in non-conference to 39.5% in conference. That’s still weak, but shows signs of learning. What’s more, Boothe snaked his way into the lane and drew fouls at a decent clip. As far as being a credible offensive threat—and he needs to be if he is going to be a successful (and starting) point guard—this may be a saving grace.

Boothe needs to develop a runner in the lane. He has the quickness to slice into defenses and probe, to draw defenders away from their primary man. If he is also a threat to hit a runner from 15 feet or so in, shot blockers will have to come out on him, freeing up lanes for passes to Burrell and other inside/ slashing players.

The other aspect of Malik’s game aren’t perfect, of course. Boothe has to improve his handle and ball control, even if he looked miles better than other ball-handlers that have graced Carenesecca Arena and Madison Square Garden for St. John’s basketball. And he fouls a bit more than one would like from a physical, lock-down defender—he plays his man perhaps too close, and yet doesn’t generate steals, so he might give the other player a half step of room Boothe can slap at any sloppy dribble. Or, Boothe needs to make his in-your-jock defense work better. Malik also better work on his endurance in the weight room; his back up, right now is… thin air, a mystery recruit, and wishes and dreams.

More stats after the jump.

All Games



Minutes Per Game



Effective FG Pct



FG Pct



3pt FG Pct



FT Pct



FT Att/ FG Att



Points Per Game



Rebounds Per Game



Off Rebs Per Game



Def Rebs Per Game



Assists Per Game



Steals Per Game



Turnovers Per Game



Assist-Turnover Ratio



Blocks Per Game



Fouls Per Game



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