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Pedro’s First Innings of the Year as a Met – Ouch!

April 2, 2008

From the AP:

Robert Andino’s first career home run with two outs in the 10th inning gave the Florida Marlins a 5-4 win over the Mets on Tuesday night after Martinez departed with a leg injury.

Already coming off two injury-plagued seasons, Martinez limped away with a strained left hamstring in the fourth inning, after just 57 pitches.

“He said he felt kind of a pop,” Mets manager Willie Randolph said.

Martinez, who was not available for comment, will fly back to New York on Wednesday for an MRI exam.

What happens next and aftermath? Read this post by Eric at Amazin’ Avenue.

And from Filip Bondy of the NY Daily News:

Just like that, the Mets’ rotation is unsettled, and the season appears as fragile as Martinez’s delicate tendons. Pedro and El Duque may be both endearing and enduring, but they are acting their ages, which is not a good thing.

Martinez was hurt throwing a pitch that resulted in a groundout by Matt Treanor to third. Long before that, however, he had provided reason for concern. Too many of his softer pitches were too straight and sailed right smack down the middle. He was hammered for two homers and four runs in the first two innings. He was the anti-Pedro, throwing baseballs in the wrong places at all the wrong times, taking forever to work through a weak lineup of Marlins.

My reaction: AAARRRRRGGGHHHHH. The whole Met roster is held together by nearly broken tendons and baling wire, and we all know it; having a team this old never bodes well, and the backup plans just don’t exist with Pelfrey already in the rotation, El Duque trying to get the doctors to roll back his odometer, and other possible pitchers in the Twins organization (but hell, I’ll take Johan over them any day). There is an organizational inability to stockpile capable pitchers at the AAA level… but we will see how this plays out, like Willie says.

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