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Wash U (in St. Louis) and U Mass (in Amherst)

March 27, 2008

News This Week In College Basketball:

I forgot to mention the Washington University men winning the Division III national championship! Pictures here of the defeat of Amherst and the chancellor. My alma mater is a champion. That’s always cool, but old hat; I mean, all those women’s volleyball championships, and the women’s basketball championship in ’98…’99…2000…2001

Syracuse collapsed again, to U Mass. I’m hoping my friend sends along some pics from Coach Travis Ford’s appearance in the home bar in NYC around the NIT finals appearance. The game was spectacularly coached; the team knew how to space themselves for shots, got the ball to shooters; they had enough gas to run with Syracuse.

And strategically, it was brilliant. With about 12 minutes to play, the Minutemen just stopped trying to slow down the Orange’s drives to the basket. They funneled them inside, and if they shot, the Orange shot fast… giving the ball back to the Minutemen, who would take a fairly quick three. Rinse, repeat. And they inched closer, and closer… it was incredible to watch. Travis Ford called it the greatest comeback he’d ever participated in, better than the Kentucky comeback against LSU that Ford quarterbacked in 1994, i suppose.

Man, I want this guy to coach a team I cheer for.

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  1. March 27, 2008 at 10:42 am

    go bears!

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