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March Madness Access, LSU, NJIT, and Scrabulous

March 14, 2008

While the rest of the bored Friday internet seekers are looking for pictures of Eliot Spitzer’s call girl (by the way – people, stop talking about her character. It’s the Gov who did wrong! She’s just working!), some links:

– current St. John’s assistant Chris Casey has applied for the NJIT job. You know, the former Newark College of Engineering, the new Division I team that went 0-29 this year, have no conference, and are an engineering school in Jers. I guess after this year at St. John’s, anything could be an improvement.

Louisiana State has hollered at Tim Floyd about coming to the Bayou to make the Tigers work.

– Did you know you could watch the NCAA Men’s basketball games online for free? If your work doesn’t block it, of course. And even then, isn’t the cloak still around? I think it is. Get around your work restrictions! They may take your jobs, but they’ll never take your… BASKETBALL!

– Meanwhile, the NCAA is working on new ways to pack in football-sized crowds for the finals.

Facebook’s Scrabulous vs the NCAA Tournament, courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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