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Reasons to love Nyjer Morgan

March 12, 2008

Grabbed from the Sports Illustrated article.

– his name requires pronunciation reminders (NIGH-jer you funny punks), just so nobody says something damned offensive.

– somebody has to get at bats for the Pirates, and he’s a base stealer (fantasy skillz).

– he projects to be a defensive whiz, and made a hell of a catch last year:

Nyjer Morgan catch

– he calls centerfield “Morgantown.” What does he call his shaggin’ wagon? The Nyjermobile? How about his dog? The Morganfriend?

– he’s a black kid who played hockey– he’s a stereotype killer! That’s my man right there.

(and yes, I know this is the profile of Tike Redman. Base stealer, good fielder, can’t hit a double…)

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