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Reasons to Hate College Football -or- It’s a Cold World

March 12, 2008 2 comments

It’s a cold world, better pack your own heat. – Redman

via Wizard of Odds and Every Day Should Be Sunday:

Dudes get cut with eligibility left. That’s kinda rough; on an 85 scholarship roster, there’s no room to keep a kid you made a promise to?

In the case of Ray Ray McElrathbey, who was profiled on ESPN and in the NY Times for becoming the guardian of his then 11-year old younger brother (and taking him from his drug-addicted mother), he has graduated, and wouldn’t get much playing time,. He’s been offered a graduate assistant job, but perhaps after the fact of his forced departure came to light. Here is an excerpt from the Charleston Post and Courier piece:

McElrathbey had a difficult relationship with his coaches, reportedly because of academic setbacks and spotty attendance at team functions. During spring drills last year, he was suspended for four practices because Bowden said he was “having a tough time juggling academics.”

“I’m not sure he can do it at the level that he needs to at both ends,” Bowden said at the time.

A sociology major, McElrathbey landed on the honor roll last semester while taking 21 hours, according to Clemson. If he does graduate in August, he’ll have received his degree three years after his arrival at Clemson.

In September 2006, the NCAA made McElrathbey an exception to its long-standing rule against extra benefits, allowing him to receive aid in the form of a trust fund set up for Fahmarr, and also daily care provided by the coaches’ families. Fahmarr is still in Ray Ray’s custody.

McElrathbey was celebrated for his willingness to juggle academics, athletics and parenthood. He was named Person of the Week by ABC’s “World News”; he received the Keith Jackson Award of Excellence on the ESPN College Football Awards Show and appeared at the Orange Bowl in Miami to accept the FedEx Orange Bowl-FWAA Courage Award.

Davis said McElrathbey isn’t going public with his side of the story because he “doesn’t want them to badmouth his name if he wants to play football somewhere else.”

Davis wonders whether all this will have negative recruiting repercussions for the Tigers.

“There’s a lot of guys they recruit in Atlanta,” he said. “People are going to ask: ‘What happened to Ray Ray?’ His high school (Mays High), they’ve got a lot of talented guys coming out of there.”

Not that any other collegiate sport is much better; players are told “it’s better for you to transfer” all the time. Coaches have the power, and they do what they think they need to to keep their jobs.

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Reasons to love Nyjer Morgan

March 12, 2008 Comments off

Grabbed from the Sports Illustrated article.

– his name requires pronunciation reminders (NIGH-jer you funny punks), just so nobody says something damned offensive.

– somebody has to get at bats for the Pirates, and he’s a base stealer (fantasy skillz).

– he projects to be a defensive whiz, and made a hell of a catch last year:

Nyjer Morgan catch

– he calls centerfield “Morgantown.” What does he call his shaggin’ wagon? The Nyjermobile? How about his dog? The Morganfriend?

– he’s a black kid who played hockey– he’s a stereotype killer! That’s my man right there.

(and yes, I know this is the profile of Tike Redman. Base stealer, good fielder, can’t hit a double…)

Friday Night Lights’ Third Season is Possible

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Friday Night Lights may be returning under a joint deal between DirecTV and NBC. This is the post from BuzzSugar; nothing is signed yet, and the show may be on DirecTV in some manner. But I’ve got DirecTV and wild horses couldn’t keep me from watching the best show on TV (now that the Wire is gone):

Friday Night Lights Season 1

Touchdown? Friday Night Lights Might Get a Third Season!

OK, so it’s just a rumor right now, but it’s a credible one: Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting that Friday Night Lights will be renewed for a third season, thanks to a partnership with DirecTV. No deal has been officially announced, but another report says it’s just waiting for a signature.

In essence, the deal will have NBC and DirecTV sharing the costs for producing the show. What, exactly, does that mean for us actually getting to see these new episodes of FNL? Unfortunately, that’s not clear yet. I’m hoping the deal looks something like the NBC/USA arrangement with Law & Order: Criminal Intent, where episodes air first on USA and later on NBC; as a non-DirecTV subscriber, it would be sad to have to wait, but knowing I’d see the show eventually would be good enough. What I’m hoping won’t happen is what NBC did with Passions, which made the episodes available only on DirecTV and nowhere else.

So, until the details are announced, I’m only going to consider this about 85 percent good news. But hey, that’s better than nothing, right? Meanwhile, the Save Friday Night Lights folks still have more mini-footballs on the way, so we fans are definitely being heard. Say it with me now: Clear eyes, full hearts . . .

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