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Jason Kidd and Hope Dworacyk

March 5, 2008 3 comments


Jason Kidd, we’re going to miss you. The tabloids are going to miss you. I wonder if J-Kidd will miss NYC back- nightlife, models, paparazzi, the groupies in the clubs, the women to grope? (Dallas has the cowboys, I’m sure they have their share of incidents, too.)

Who is going to take photos of his new groupie baby mama and wonder, in widely distributed newspapers, whether she actually does anything? And thanks to on205th, we have some photographic evidence:

Hope Dworaczyk modelHope Dworaczyk + Jason Kidd
Jason Kidd + Hope Dworaczyk

See? She is more than a groupie, she’s a model. Jason, remember that at some point soon the checks are gonna start coming in, but you have a few kids, and ex wife, a baby mama… there’s a long line of NBA players who can tell you how that just ain’t a good idea. Just sayin’.