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February 21, 2008

In the wake of the great Mike Bibby/ Tyronn Lue trade, the Cavaliers, Bulls, and Sonics have worked out a trade of their own:

Bulls get:
 Larry Hughes (talented but injured)
 Drew Gooden (good rebounder but better on a running team)
 Cedric Simmons (where was he again?)

SuperSonics get:
 Chris Duhon (mediocre point guard but upgrade)
 Ira Newble (expiring contract)
 Donyell Marshall (expiring, apparently)
 (what, there’s no 2009 relocation discount that could be traded?)
 Adrian Griffin (expiring)

The Cavaliers get:
 Wally Szczerbiak (a shooter? In Cleveland?)
 Joe Smith (rebounds)
 Delonte West (a cheaper Larry Hughes)
 Ben Wallace (comes with a gong for a reason)

And the Rockets are active as well.

Timberwolves get:

Kirk Snyder

Rockets get:
Gerald Green

Okay. Maybe both teams were just bored and they like mid season press conferences to remind the fans that their teams still exist. I guess Green is… younger, and more athletic, so the Timberwolves wanted… experience for their 20-win season.

MORE ROCKET TRADES! CRAZINESS! They dig deep into the draft list records of the last few years for these:

Hornets get:
 Bonzi Wells (out of favor in Houston)
 Mike James (credible scoring point guard)
Adam Haluska (rookie shooter)

Rockets get:
 Bobby Jackson (low knucklehead factor guard in his waning days – an Adelman favorite)
 (rights to) Sergei Lishouk (WHO ARE THESE GUYS?)

Grizzlies get:
Marcus Vinicius (no, really. I watch the draft ever year. Who is this?)
 (rights to) Malick Badiane (who is this?!)
 CASH MONEY! (the real key to the deal for Memphis)

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  1. Todd
    February 21, 2008 at 7:28 pm

    The Cavs made out pretty good, but still won’t beat the Celtics. I am a sixers fan, so don’t really care. The West is too good though.


  2. February 21, 2008 at 8:51 pm

    Could someone explain how this makes the Cavs at all better? They’re still mediocre at PG. LeBron still doesn’t have a reliable number two (Szczerb? Yeah right. Ask Garnett how well that worked out). Ben Wallace is a liability offensively and in the locker room.

    Second round playoff exit at best.

    LeBron jets to the Nets in ’10. Believe that.

  3. picodulce
    February 21, 2008 at 11:59 pm

    Todd: the Cavs did need a shooter but yeah, as Siwatu said– they’re real flawed. I love Daniel Gibson on my fantasy team as a three-point threat, but as a guy who can break players down? As a passer?

    I like Delonte and Joe Smith in this trade. I hope that the Cavs realize that Ben Wallace has been gonged out and keep him on the bench.

  4. February 22, 2008 at 12:15 am

    Any thoughts on the Spurs getting Kurt Thomas? A guy on TNT said it was the 2nd best trade this year. I figure they gave up Brent Barry’s hot wife for Kurt Thomas’ crazy one.

  5. picodulce
    February 22, 2008 at 9:52 am

    But I’m not sure what they got Kurt Thomas for. To defend Shaq? To rebound more? He’s good, though… Kurt has a crazy wife? I thought cray eyes had enough crazy on his own…

  6. picodulce
    February 22, 2008 at 9:55 am

    Erin Barry, huh? Go Brent.

  7. jjc58
    January 18, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    I realize that I say this all with the benefit of hindsight, but me and pico were talking about this trade this afternoon and I was alerted to this post.

    Big Men

    Cavs lose Drew Gooden. Gooden may be an intelligent individual in real life, but on the basketball court, he’s a freaking moron. He literally could not operate Mike Brown’s defensive scheme. While he has some skills on offense, he plays too soft. LeBron needs someone who can dunk the ball, not lay it up. Incidentally, Cavs didn’t get anyone fitting that description in this trade.

    Cavs get Joe Smith. Consumate professional. Good locker room guy. Range out to 18 feet. In essence, Smith replaces Gooden’s offensive game for the rest of the year. As an afternote, Smith + Damon Jones gets turned into Mo Williams.

    Cavs get Ben Wallace. Overpaid, no doubt. Major disappointment in Chicago, but that had to do with expectations more than anything. Wallace brings defense, tenacity, and some attitude to the Cavs. Fits great into Mike Brown’s scheme, frees up Ilgauskus on d. On offense? Well, the Cavs have been playing four and five on offense for years. Eric Snow.

    Cavs lose Donyell Marshall. Marshall’s been a waste of space for two years, ever since he discovered T.G.I. Friday’s Jack Chicken Strips and gained 45 pounds. There’s a reason why they call him the Fat Tuna.

    Cavs lose Ira Newble. Newble’s politics were bad for LeBron’s brand. As a basketball player, he’s irrelevant.

    Back Court

    Cavs lose Larry Hughes. This is one of those instances of addition by subtraction. The Larry Hughes experiment was an utter failure. A me-first chucker who doesn’t have a real passion for the game. Poor FG%, never shot any free throws, etc.

    Cavs gain Wally Szczerbiak. At the time, the conventional wisdom was that Wally would thrive in the Le-Iso offense. Well, his knees are shot and his shot is flat, but at least he’s not Larry Hughes. Wally’s got length and strength, is a great positive influence on the team (literally the most high-fivingest player in the NBA). Plus he’s an expiring contract.

    Cavs gain Delonte West. It amazes me that Brother Redbush couldn’t get any run in Seattle. He’s just a talented all-around player. He’s decent at everything, fantastic at nothing, with one exception. Delonte West is literally the funniest dude in the NBA. Good acquisition and an upgrade over what the Cavs had.

    In sum, the Cavs made out talent-wise on this trade. But more important was the influence of this trade on team cohesion and chemistry. This trade shipped out two players (Gooden, Hughes) who simply did not fit along with filler and gained four (overpaid) role players. Turning Joe Smith into Mo Williams put the icing on the cake, but this trade laid the foundation for the Cavs’ success this year.

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