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Marcus Banks: Forgotten Man

February 8, 2008

Marcus Banks + Ronald McDonaldMarion, Marion, Marion. Who’s gonna love up on Arthur LaMarcus Banks? Will ALB just be a footnote in NBA history?

For a team like the Heat, who trots out anyone and everyone they can just to get the regulation 5 warm, moving bodies on the court, Marcus Banks might be a good get, too. The forgotten man in the Shaq-for-Shawn Marion trade, he’s the kind of guy a losing team needs: willing to put up a lot of shots, sturdy, not a lot of miles on him, a guy with something to prove. His season in Minnesota was decent, and since, he hasn’t logged a lot of minutes. Then again, he did play with (the infamous) Ricky Davis before, so he might be ruined, shot-jacking goods.

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