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Pedro Martinez, at the Cockfights

February 7, 2008

Pedro… this is not something you want to have on video. Next time demand “no cameras.”

from the AP:

A video of New York Mets pitcher Pedro Martinez and Hall of Famer Juan Marichal at a cockfight was posted this week on YouTube.

Martinez and Marichal laugh before releasing the roosters. The two took part as honorary “soltadores,” the word used to describe the person who puts the animal to fight.

The animal released by Martinez appears to be killed on the video, which was posted Tuesday. The fight takes place in the Coliseo de Gallos (Rooster Coliseum) in Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic’s biggest cockfighting venue. Cockfighting is legal and popular in the Dominican Republic.

It’s legal in the Dominican, but that doesn’t make it something I want to hear about one of my favorite players.

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