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Shaquille O’Neal Traded to Suns.

February 6, 2008

The Shaq to slow-down the Suns trade is actually happening; Shawn Marion and little-used Marcus Banks for Shaquille O’ Neal.

This has to be a joke. Trading a solid mid-career player in Shawn “the Matrix” Marion who has potential to be spectacular, especially within the Suns’ system for $40M over 2 years in a broken down 25 year old 7-footer? Maybe Grant Hill gave GM Steve Kerr a jones for broken basketball pieces… or maybe he was afraid of the rumor that the Mavericks and Mark Cuban wanted to trade Josh Howard for Shaq I wouldn’t even trade Marcus Banks for Shaq.

This isn’t video game ball, folks. Marion? Howard? For Shaq?!
Video game Shaq now with real sweat!
Miami Herald’s Dan Le Batard thinks there will be more trades, with Jason “White Chocolate” Williams as a trading chip, Ricky Davis, and perhaps Udonis Haslem, as well.

Shawn Marion has wanted out of Phoenix– and a starring role– for a hot minute now. Here’s hoping people remember why he is a spectacular player… maybe the Heat will have a new superstar on their hands to pair with Dwyane Wade.

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