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January 25, 2008

Brady in a WALKING BOOTTOM BRADY IS MESSING WITH YOUR HEAD. He doesn’t need to yap yap yap with the media. He’s BIG. The Patriots love messing with people’s heads. He’s probably taking a trip to Mexico like Romo and getting his Gisele Bundchen on. It’s the Patriots, people. Quit the breathless coverage. Brady probably put the boot on to mess with heads in the first place. No laws against that, especially if the paparazzi’s gonna stake the man out on his free time.

Hell, Belichick probably put him up to it. So what he’s not in the locker room two weeks before game time? So what the media hasn’t seen him? We need more coverage on how Ahmad Bradshaw couldn’t outrun the cops in 2004 when he was at Virginia. He’s a running back! or what about stories on Eli Manning singing Bon Jovi’s Living on a Prayer at karaoke?

Better question is Where is Chuck Knoblauch? Chucky? Come and get your subpoena!

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