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The End of ’07

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In the waning hours of 2007, I’d like to add a post about my undergrad alma mater’s two-sport athlete Adam Goslin. He caught some fame this year for being an openly gay player on the football and baseball teams of the Washington University (in St. Louis, get it straight) Bears. Goslin graduated in December of 2006, I believe, after a solid career with the Division III WU Bears.


Goslin, a 6-1, 205-pound defensive lineman, started opening up about his sexuality in January 2005 after his first football season, and it spread across campus, including to his football and baseball teammates.

“A lot were fascinated with the fact I was gay; they didn’t understand (that I was gay) though they didn’t object,” he said. “I think it was good that they saw how (well) I played my first (football) season (at Washington).

“It’s a little nerve-racking (coming out) because you never know how it’s going to go. You hear rumors about how athletes aren’t very supportive and are very homophobic. But, since I came out, I’ve never had one problem.

“I don’t really have worries since coming out; I’m happy with what I’m doing. I’m more worried about finding a job in athletics.”

Goslin is now a volunteer coach for the Bears, dreaming of landing his ultimate job: as commissioner for the Big Ten or Pacific-10 Conference. Or even the NFL.

And from

“That’s one of the things that cracks me up when people talk about gay teammates,” [Scottie] Guthrie says. “How is it that the straight guys are the ones who feel threatened? I mean, what do they think is going to happen, the guy is going to rape them or something? If anything I think it’s the gay guy who would feel awkward in that situation.”

Good to see my old school in the news in such a positive light. The WU was always a pretty easy-going place about many social issues; most of the time the school was laissez-faire, low-beef. As long as we could get drunk and get on the good side of the biology grading curve, it was all good. Not that it’s the best or most fun place to be out and proud, or particularly exploratory, but there are strong enclaves of gay communities in and around the school.

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