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Mets Offseason Update

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Mets sign reliever Matt Wise. The 40 man roster stands at 36.

My favorite reliever Pedro Feliciano now has a child.

Pedro Feliciano, wife, and child

Mets are still in chats about Mighty Johan Santana, Eliminator of Batters, according to LaVelle Neal’s Star-Tribune blog.

The Mets are also in talks with former Twin Kyle Lohse (an “innings eater”):

It’s believed the Mets have made an offer to the 29-year-old for four years, but it’s not known if it is for the $10 million Per he is seeking….

Lohse was paid $4.2 million last year, when he worked for the Reds and Phillies and went a combined 9-12 with a 4.62 ERA. He was 3-0 with a 4.72 ERA in 13 games (11 starts) for the Phillies after being acquired at the deadline.

In the incredible boredom of the baseball off-season, Amazin’ Avenue has a complete set of projections for the next season vs. projected average production based on plausible starters using the CHONE system. The upshot:

Soup-to-nuts, the Mets are average or better at every position, and exceedingly better than average in center and at third, with shortstop having a decent shot at that group, too.

Soup-to-nuts, the Mets are average or better at every position, and exceedingly better than average in center and at third, with shortstop having a decent shot at that group, too.

A couple from the MetsGeek blog:

* Who Are These Mets? What defines the Mets’ organizational identity? Broken down into strengths: Major League Scouting (acquisition of players for overrated skills, and making good large and small signings), a Willingness to Spend Big, and Brand Image (credibility for the organization that was sorely lacking); and weaknesses: Loyalty to Veterans (trading for Luis Castillo and playing him over Ruben Gotay’s hot hitting streak featured here), Aggressiveness With Prospects (young players having to impress or sit), and Ignorance of Marginal Value.

* An analysis of the Matt Wise signing, with a link to the Brew Crew’s take on the trades (wherein the Mets dump some trash and the Brewers pick it up):

Let’s review the transactions here:

1. Brewers traded Johnny Estrada to the Mets instead of non-tendering him.
2. Brewers acquire Guillermo Mota in the deal, along with his $3.2MM salary for 2008. Mets fans rejoice.
3. Mets get a better catcher and non-tender Estrada. That’s what we probably would’ve done, so the Mets literally dumped Mota’s contract on us.
4. We have a roster crunch and have to non-tender Matt Wise. Mota may be the worst pitcher in the pen right now, so we basically kept Mota instead of Wise.
5. Mets sign Wise, probably for less than half of what the Brewers will pay Mota.

Short version: the Brewers traded Matt Wise for Guillermo Mota and took on an extra $1.5-2MM to do so.

The only way this is defensible to me AT ALL is if the Brewers know something about Mota or Wise that we don’t know. Maybe Mota is ready to bounce back (though he doesn’t have that lengthy of a good track record) and maybe Wise really is done after hitting Pedro Lopez in the face. I guess we’ll see. It’s also possible that, when Melvin traded for Mota, he couldn’t imagine that he’d be able to get three more superior relievers in Gagne, Riske, and Torres, and didn’t think Mota’s acquisition would mean we couldn’t keep Wise.

But, regardless of the thought process, this doesn’t make me happy. I wasn’t happy about losing Wise before, but losing Wise to the Mets is even more obnoxious.

For the record, my projections have Mota pitching 68 innings with an ERA of 4.48, 25 walks and 48 strikeouts. Wise projects with an ERA of 4.56, 61 IP, 20 walks and 42 K’s. I would’ve thought Wise would come out a little better, but that’s a projection for Miller Park with the Brewers defense, so it’s probably almost identical if you neutralize everything. I’d certainly bet on Wise to have the better year. Either way, even if the results are similar, the Brewers are going to pay more for their middle reliever.

And The Mets Are Better Than Sex gives us an Anna Benson picture.

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Of Interest: the Return of Eddie Sutton?

December 27, 2007 1 comment

The return of Eddie Sutton:

San Francisco announced on Wednesday that Jessie Evans is stepping down as basketball coach and 71-year-old Sutton is taking over the Dons on an interim basis….

Sutton’s first game will be Friday night at Weber State.

“I love the game of basketball,” Sutton said. “There’s nobody that coached or it played it that loved it as much as I do. I missed coaching youngsters. I missed that. I want to gain, getting back on the court and having the opportunity to teach. That will be very pleasing to me.”

Gore-Mann told prior to a news conference Wednesday that Evans requested a leave of absence Wednesday morning. She said that the decision to take the season-long leave was solely Evans’ decision. But that contradicts what multiple sources told — that Evans was issued an ultimatum earlier in the day that he had to resign or would be fired. Gore-Mann said she wouldn’t discuss the particulars of why Evans took the leave and didn’t know if Evans would be the coach next season. Gore-Mann did confirm that Sutton was at the Long Beach State-San Francisco game last week in Long Beach, but that the school didn’t set up Sutton’s appearance. Gore-Mann said she had a short window to “bring in coach Sutton.”

Sutton retired as Oklahoma State’s coach after the 2005-06 season. He has 798 victories in 36 seasons as a Division I coach at Creighton, Arkansas, Kentucky and Oklahoma State.

When his victories at Tulsa Central High School and the College of Southern Idaho are included, Sutton won exactly 1,000 games before retiring from coaching in May 2006.

eddie sutton's sour pussHis retirement came about three months after a drunken driving accident caused him to miss the Cowboys’ final 10 games of the 2005-06 season. Sutton pleaded no contest to misdemeanor aggravated drunken driving and two other charges following the February 2006 car accident.

Sutton reached the Final Four with Arkansas in 1978 and with Oklahoma State in 1995 and 2004. He ranks fifth on the all-time list for victories among Division I coaches, trailing Texas Tech’s Bob Knight (896), Dean Smith (North Carolina, 879), Adolph Rupp (Kentucky, 876) and Jim Phelan (Mt. St. Mary’s, Md., 830).

Gore-Mann told earlier Wednesday that Sutton told her he didn’t want the full-time job.

“I’m physically in good health,” Sutton said, adding that his drinking problem is a thing of the past. “I feel very strong.”…

The coach said he’s never been on the San Francisco campus, so “This is the toughest challenge I’ve ever had.”

Gore-Mann added that she is working toward bringing in former South Florida coach Robert McCullum as an assistant for Sutton.

The AD tried to clear up why she said she didn’t know that Evans would be leaving until Wednesday morning yet Sutton said he talked to her a few days earlier about the possibility of the job becoming available. “When I was talking to coach Sutton before it was more long term, not short term,” Gore-Mann said.

As for whether or not Sutton could be a long-term solution, she said, “I would always consider him, but it would be what he would be ready to commit to.”

coach jessie evans
Remember, coaches– if you see an old hall of fame coach just taking in your game, hovering over your game, dripping pomade on your players like Riley on Van Gundy, it might be a sign that you’re about to get done. I wonder if Coach Cam Cameron is feeling that in Miami, with Parcells glowering from the press box…

On top of that, this seems a pretty unseemly way to get fired, mid season, and replaced by some old retired coach. How does Oklahoma State feel, having sent off their coach as a conquering hero (even if fading) and replacing him with his son and his whopping 6-5 record (losses against North Texas and Oral Roberts included), only to have the elder Sutton return to coaching in a small league with schools with delusions of their past grandeur (see: Bill Russell, KC Jones, and more)?