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Jose: A-Rod did it too! He did! And I’m telling!

December 14, 2007

The great steroid expert, José Canseco, comes down from his Mount Juice to speak on the Mitchell Report, thanks to the Hartford Courant:

Former A’s slugger José Canseco tried to get in the news conference, but was told it was a media-only event and that he wasn’t welcome.

Canseco said he was unimpressed with the report.

“It’s a slap on the hand,” he told Fox Business Network. “The report proved nothing. It just proved what we already knew.” Canseco is mentioned 105 times in the report, more than Barry Bonds (103) or Roger Clemens (82).

“There are definitely a lot of players missing,” he said.

Prodded further, Canseco said of Alex Rodriguez: “All I can say is the Mitchell Report is incomplete. I could not believe that his name was not in the report.”

I’m sure lots of other players should have been mentioned in the report, too. These are just the guys who cavorted with a cat who got caught. And as the immortal Rick Ross says, “José Canseco just snitchin’ because he finished.”

And in other news, Jose Canseco is probably writing his book I Told You So! Now Elect Me To The Hall Of Fame.

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